Whole Home PVR

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  • I'd really like to replace my whole home PVR and other STBs with a Formuler solution! Any chance that future software updates will include:
    1) Ability to record multiple streams while watching live TV (Formuler Z7+)?
    2) Remotely access recorded files on another (Formuler of course but maybe a lower cost) device?

  • 1) not possible due to the nature of IPTV protocol
    2) a nice to have, but doubtful to be implemented. If you want to go somewhere and still view your recordings, just bring your formuler box with you! ;)

  • 1) Nonsense. My current whole home PVR is IP based. See Bell or AT&T Uverse. All it requires is a provider to send multiple IP/RTP streams to one device.
    2) More nonsense. I have multiple TVs in my house. Why should I be on the TV with the external drive to access the content. Ever heard of IP?

  • so why are you asking formuler to support something that as far as I know, no IPTV provider (I don’t mean the Bell and ATT’s is the world) currently offers?

    as far as the recording idea, it’s not a bad idea just doubtful that it’s at the top of the list of things to do. I gotta believe it would require modifications to the android OS also, but I’m no expert.

  • Duh, isn't the idea to cut the cord? Why lose functionality. Are you certain that NO IPTV provider provides this?

    As far as YOU know isn't that far it seems. Likely somewhere in front of you nose. Do some reading.

    Here is a quote from this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/IPTV/…8k/dvr_for_vader_streams/
    I did this exact thing and found the simplest way to accomplish it was by using LibreELEC on either a Raspberry Pi or an S905 Amlogic Kodi box. LibreELEC has an easy to install version of TV Headend that worked way better then when I tried to install on my NAS. The TV Headend addon also makes it much simpler to add the Vader Stream xml file to get the EPG up and running. You can also setup the recording location to be a folder on your NAS or add an external flash or hard drive to the box. With a Raspberry Pi 3 I was able to record 5 streams at once since that's what Vaders allows.

    If a Raspberry Pi 3 (4 x A53 cores) can do it, then the Z7+ can handle it. Only issue should be the speed of the micro SD card to handle the bandwidth. USB3 Flash drive should be no problem.

    Give me the source code and I'll do the mod. It's only Android after all. What could be simpler? Far harder if it was WinDoze.