Some recordings default to 1 hour regardless of epg

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  • This issue seems to occur randomly. I notice it happening with both advanced & current recordings. I can set record for a programme that epg shows is on for 15 mins but then the recording timer will default to 1 hour once it starts. I do remember some time ago setting a manual recording for a duration of 1 hour for a channel that had no epg info. But once I started recording on other channels with epg it recorded like normal. To overcome this problem I've tried a few things - factory reset, recording to sd card, recording to USB, using different file system ntfs or fat. Can anyone suggest anything else?

  • Been testing this some more over the last couple days have some more info to add. The 1 hour recording bug seems to be on programs that are on for 1 hour or less (anytime above that records fine). The problem doesn't appear provider dependent as I experience the same issue across 3 different service providers. Lastly the problem is affecting both my z7 box's so that indicates its not just the box.

  • Did you check under settings -> Date and time and select the right region? In MOL EPG from Normal > UTC and reverse?