Problem with stanby

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  • Whne the tuner standby, the applications ( e. g. xcam) in the background turns off after about 30 minutes. Then I can not start it with the remote control. I need to turn off the power to get up. What I have wrongly set.

  • I done " incl. in the network and quickly press the red button, the diode will flash red and green, hold button 1 on the remote control for about 5 seconds, the receiver will reboot and start clean as if from the factory. This is called reset with clearing."

  • Hi all,

    I also have standby issue but it ONLY happens when I have apps installed.

    When box is "clean" it does not happen, at least for me. If I install, for example Terrarium TV and run it, box will eventually stuck in standby :-(

    Using SAT and IPTV with "clean" box and no problem. Standby bug ONLY if I install Terrarium. Don't know for sure if it happens also with other apps.

    Best Regards