SD Cards Size

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  • Hi!

    I have been trying to record sucessfully these last days on my Formuler 7+

    Everything went allright as long as i used a small SD card of 4GB.

    When i tried to use a 256GB or even a 64GB SD card, it was accepted but failed sooner or later.

    Eventually i found out that if the Card has a capacity of 32GB or smaller it works.

    And why ?

    Because you can format it as a FAT32 using any Windows PC.

    An if its bigger ?

    It works if you format it as NTFS, but NOT the Windows exFAT default.

    I suggest that this information should be very clear at the Formuler TV site, at the Formiuler 7+ specifications.

    Also the maximum SD card size supported should be specified.

    That could avoid a lot of frustration for some users.

    Up to now, i tried a 4GB SD (FAT32) and a 64GB, 128GB and 256GB SD's (NTFS). All worked.

    Regards. :)

  • I have been having issues with a few usb sticks/HDD drives i have, i can't seem to record a FULL show using the EPG.

    It seems to cut off a recording about half way through or just record like 10 or 20 minutes of it then stop.

    I am using an 8GB kingston memory stick that is formatted to FAT32. I have also tried my 2TB HDD and only get a partial recording.

    Manual recording seems fine but most of the time i want it to act like my PVR to record shows using the EPG when i am out. Its very frustrating.

    I also have a 65GB SD Card, so would you recommend a 4GB SD Card or less? have you tried recording from the EPG using it?

  • Hi!

    Never got cuts on recordings.

    You can use any SD Card you like, but:

    - If its size is 32GB or less, format it as FAT32, using any PC;

    - If its size is bigger than 32GB format it as NTFS, NOT as exFAT using any PC;

    Right now i'm using a 256GB SD.

    Best regards

  • 99% of the time a recording will stop due to an problem with the stream, i.e the stream buffers for even a second, it lags, the stream drops out, etc. If any of this happens, the recording stops right away unfortunately.

  • Thanks, good to know, set a recording via the EPG for yesterday while i was out, came back and the stream had froze on the channel, my recording showed 0 bytes and nothing was recorded.

    I'm hardwired into the box so don't know why the stream wouldn't be flawless. It is most of the time, on some channels more than others.

  • unfortunately buffering/blips can occur for a multitude of reason, both on the provider side but also your side. Being hardwired helps obviously, another good tip is to reset modem + router ever so often, I find that can help. But you can’t do anything due to provider issues :(

  • SAM

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