Irdeto Card (without CI module)

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  • Hello guys,

    Is it possible to run channels provided by Irdeto Smartcard (ORF Austria) via the Formuler S Turbo Cardreader, without using a CI+ Module?

    If yes, could you please explain how this works?

    Many thanks in advance

    Best regards


  • Hi ,

    I had the same issue with italian card (nagravision)

    formuler has a smartcard reader and it is expensive to buy a cam only to use some tv cards

    try this plugin , it worked for me..

    It works with nagravision card but i don't know if it works wih others cards (seca , irdeto etc. etc.)…view?%20usp%20=%20sharing

    if the plugin works let me know


    also some general istructions :


    Installation of emulators and the work of the CAM modules (including CAM with support for CI technologies + versions 1.2 and 1.3)

    1. Go to menu = >> Administrator = >> Add-ons (or from channel view mode, press and hold the blue button on the remote control)

    2. In the add-ons menu:

    - Press and hold the blue button on the remote control

    - in the window that appeared "Plugin“ press again the blue button

    - the system offers to install the Addon Linker application

    - Install Addon Linker

    - Press the blue button again

    - In the Add-on Linker, click on the green button and in the window that appears, type "default"

    - in the list of available complements, select the necessary ones and press the red button for ------ >> Begin the download.


    - XcamClient3 - It is an OSCAM for working with the BISS key emulator, etc. with the ability to enter and monitor the server data from the remote control of the receiver and through the oscam web interface (when the plug-in is running, the entry from the computer is http: // receiver's IP address: 8888).

    - Mcas for the operation of smart cards of several coding systems in the slot of the card reader of the receiver.

    - GS-cam - a kind of compilation of OSCAM to receive data from the server

    - Coconat for the operation of BISS channels and static CW keys paired with XcamClient2.

    - Cat2Eye for the operation of CAM modules with CI +


    The newcanD.list and coconat.dat files are copied to the receiver via USB Flash

    - Create a folder in the root of the flash drive ---- >> plugin_su

    - Inside the folder plugin_su create the folder --- → >> keys

    - To the folder "keys", we copy the files newcamD.list and coconat.dat (for XcamClient3 it is not necessary)

    - Insert the usb flash into the receiver, wait for the start window to appear, use the buttons on the left and right to access plugin_su

    - Press the red button and emuladora emrandora.

    - If XCAM or Coconut does not work, restart the receiver or the emulator.

    5. With the same procedure we execute the other complements necessary to watch TV channels.


  • Great, the Mcas plugin was the solution. Thank you so much.

    But does it show "Encrypted channel" for a few seconds also?

    It disappears, but it's a bit annoying ;-)

  • SAM

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