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  • Hi there. I'm new to this area and am having a bit of an issue - hopefully someone on here can help me!

    I've recently purchased a Z7+ and have a couple of providers. Unfortunately for me one of my providers will not support MyTVOnline and so I have put that on Smart IPTV app. He has asked I lock the MAC via the yellow button within the app. However, the yellow button does not work - none of the colored buttons on the remote work. I assume this is because they are configured for the MyTVOnline app. Equally the EPG button on the remote does not take me to the EPG for probably the same reason.

    If I buy an air mouse with the appropriate buttons etc will I get the appropriate functionality to allow me to use the color buttons and will they by default navigate me as per the on screen display or is there nothing I can do? I've seen a couple of options on amazon that are fairly cheap but don't want to waste my money if it isn't going to help.

    Can anyone advise me please?



  • Hi,

    If you press the menu button on the remote you will get the epg for the channel. I just tried the air mouse with my android phone and it doesn't seem to work, I can't click on anything in the app. Don't know if any other third party remote will work because I haven't tested.

  • Thanks for trying this Mevi.

    I have done some playing at my end and, as you say, am able to do a certain amount of navigation with the existing remote that is supplied with the device. I might take a punt and get a cheap air mouse with keypad on the reverse and give that a whirl.

  • inbox me i will help u. your provider talks bs

  • SAM

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