Recording question(s): Z8 vs. Z7+

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  • Greetings all.

    I currently have a Z7+ which does many things well, but I'm considering upgrading to a Z8, which should do a few things better, along with a few things which MOL on the Z7+ can't. 8)

    My first question is regarding recording. With MOL on the Z7+, you can schedule a future recording and it happily starts MOL from stand-by and records the appropriate stream. The annoying limitation is that after the recording, MOL stays open with the stream continuing to run, chewing up bandwidth on my internet connection.

    It was suggested in another forum that MOL2 on the Z8 shuts down after recording and puts the Z8 back in stand-by. Is this the case or was I misinformed?

    Many thanks in advance. ^^