Power Mode in Formuler Z8

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  • Hello.

    I still have this problem about Power Mode. The expected behaviour (hope I'm right):

    Power Off - Box powers off completely and box led goes red.

    Stand By - Box goes Stand By mode and led goes red. When we press STB button, box starts and jumps right to the place where it was prior to the Stan By mode kicked in (by time, I suppose).

    The behaviour I have is that the led never goes red in any of the above modes. Regarding the mode itself, I think it never goes off completely in Power Off mode and in Stand By mode, it's just if I selected any mode. Box is just as if it was up and running all night when we turn TV on in the morning. So, intercepting these 2 behaviours, it looks like that neither Power Off nor Stan By modes are working.

    Anyone is actually experiencing anything like this?


    I have UTC set in EPG settings... I'm London time zone.

    Formuler Z8

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  • Well, looks like these feature is supposed to work along with the Playback Limit setting.

    I was assuming the most obvious behaviour, but looks like it doesn't work in the most expectable way.

    So, when you have Playback Limit set, and that time is reached, the box will enter the selected Power Mode.

    The expected behaviour would be that after some time of inactivity (not from the Playback Limit setting), the box would enter the selected mode. Or at least should be explained somewhere that these 2 settings work together!

    Formuler Z8