MYOTV2 - Problems accessing VOD Movies

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  • In advance:

    We do not use XC or XCUI as a panel, but another panel with working stalker support. We currently have the problem with the z8 that VOD films are categorized directly under series and are not available.

    As soon as I open the Bud Spencer VOD package, for example, I see all films staggered as series episodes.

    Series, on the other hand, work great and flawlessly.

    Since access to M*G devices does not cause any problems, the topic can be narrowed down relatively well. Is there a documented API somewhere on how to access films and series? I could then pass this on to our developers.

    Thank you in advance.

  • If you use spec. stalker panel, have questions about Z8 and why the box don`t support such spec. Panel, then please send ticket to Formuler support (i guess it was already open). Standard stalker works fine with z8.

  • The Panel uses full Stalker implementation.

    I spoke to a Developer.

    He managed to Log the Requests from MTVO2.

    first request : /c/player_api.php?username=&password=...
    second request GET /c which is not meant to be requested.

    the main thing is that their app does 2 or 3 request and when responses received the same app work internally to grab data may be by m3u or whatever

    MTVO1 works fine with the Panel like it should be and like M*G. I think you know the difference.