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  • Evening all,completely and utterly off my head with this, I thought it would be “ a piece of caKe”,,how wrong,even been in touch with pia who said,,,” pia does not work on android boxes”,,, certainly true in my case,my two sons both have android boxes and they installed without issue? Can someone please advise,I am not tecky in any way, can follow,1 press this 2 now this 3 click install,, that’s my limit; how on Earth do I get pia installed on my z7+, any information greatly appreciated;;; thanks guys in advance.Forgot to say I can actually log in , but then when I try to connect to londo or soton it says,,update client info?... cannot proceed or know where to go from there,,Manchester, connects,but speed test is 0.5,, yes,, of 1 as in one?.. completely flumoxed.

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