checking for IPTV app updates on restart keeps downloading 10MB update

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  • Hi,

    Everytime since yesterday i restart box it does the checking for updates which is fine but when it gets to 'checking for IPTV app updates' it downloads a 10MB file then boots as normal. But keeps doing it on every restart?

    Also when I was viewing on demand in MyTVOnline app and paused it, i could here ads etc playing in background, i went to homepage kept finger down on menu, closed all apps pressing red button and still could here audio like if a channel was playing in background whilst i paused on demand, think it maybe another bug, only way to stop it was to restart box. In regards to pausing on demand, when i pause on demand via MyTVOnline app it pauses but when i press play, the on demand content i was viewing starts from beginning and the timers which show how long you been watching something and total time which are shown on screen are totally messed up.

    [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] cog - System -

    Modek Z7_Plus
    System ID (wont provide this incase it identifies something)
    S/W Version v1.2.16
    S/Q Revision r13015
    Build Date: 24-01-2018

  • In this case i suggest to do under "System" Software reset first and then factory reset, then restart the box. I think you done to much changes at once, please do in future allways one change and test this for some time, so you will allways know later with which setting occurs the problem.

  • I have already done this few times now i cant keep reseeting box everytime it plays up as it not practical. I have hardly made any changes to the box. Installing few apps apart from that nothing. No settings has been changed to cause this.

    EDIT: Now i have done all my testing i will reset the box in few days after all that testing i am fried lol.