Geo blocked apps

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  • I had iplayer working the other day over vpn, installed via play store. BBC actively blocks VPNs, if you are having issue viewing. it's a game of cat and mouse, just got to switch to mouse mode on remote for iplayer.

    It does not make any difference whether you connect via vpn via an app, or directly at router level or any other method, if you are connected to a VPN then you are connected. (use and to verify, i run at router level so if vpn tunnel goes down all connected devices are blocked so my real IP is not revealed.

    PIA for example is very basic, I mean it took me an hour or so of searching just to find the openvpn config files on there site then more time configuring everything, all there site was interested in doing was bombarding me to download their apps, some providers go for simplicity over security and more hardcore features.

  • I have a couple of questions about your experience with the iPlayer number 1
    how did you download it from the App Store I could not get the UK apps to show up even with the VPN set to the UK.
    Number two, when I switch to Mouse mode I still could not get the iPlayer to scroll to the right if you know what I mean I was able to play The Limited number of choices that for in front of me on the screen like it even go down and check out different
    Number three I have used a DNS service on a smart TV to watch the iPlayer, the picture is as good as anything you can imagine
    Have you noticed that the picture degrades when it goes through your pee is a VPN? Because I have noticed that when I use Smart TV mag everything looks just a little bit washed outformula with VPN from
    Number for are you saying that there is no kill switch when you use a VPN through an app? I do have the option of using it at Routerlevel l, but I've been using it with an app on the formula box because it's so easy to switch regions