USB HDD size - z7+

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  • What is the USB 3.0 max size limit amount or size limitation that can be used for recordings on the Formuler z7+? I am thinking of purchasing a 6 TB external USB 3.0 portable hard drive for recordings as my husband and I record a lot of live sports games and movies. It is compatible with android 6.0 and above. I have searched for this answer with no luck. Any information you can give me is greatly appreciated. :)

    Thank you.

  • Hi wawa,

    There is no physical limit, just a partition and formatted file system limitation. After buying new 6TB, you have to make (1x) full 6TB partition and format with NTFS (16TB file Limit) or exFAT (512TB file limit) on PC, then connect to your Z7+. Only for compare, Fat32 have 4GB file limit.
    The hdd and file system NTFS or exFAT should be recognised without problems. If you use on your PC windows, take NTFS format and if you use Apple comp. then use exFAT format, it is for compatibility reasons with the desktop computer, if you want later to edit your video files. For compare Mac OS can read NTFS files but not write/edit.
    Use one partition, format with NTFS or exFAT, connect and be happy :) Keep in mind, if you use 3.5" hdd, you need external power supply. 2.5" can be connected directly and use the USB power from the box.

  • Hi,

    I have LaCie Porsche Design 4TB USB 3.0 (tested on MBR NTFS, exFAT, GPT NTFS)
    Used torrent software Flud, but Formuler z7+ can't write to root directory, only can write to Android>data>com.delphicoder.flud>files

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