Recording PVR, Timeshift questions

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  • I'm having trouble getting the PVR function to work properly. I have a USB formatted to fat32. A few questions:

    1. Does the PVR function (pause/record live TV) only work on channels that offer timeshift capabilities?

    2. My USB stick records whatever I'm watching in a "timeshift" file until it's full. After the stick is full it will no longer allow me to rewind live TV or schedule recordings. I have to delete that file in order to allow for the PVR function to work again. Is there a way to avoid this?

    3. Can I record live tv or future shows on an SD card?

    4. If I schedule a recording does my box have to be left on? Will it wake automatically if left in standby mode and record?

    5. Is there a way to delete files using the native file browser? I can only see options to view info but not delete. I've been having to delete the timeshift file from my PC.

    1. PVR works on any channel
    2. This is a know issue and will be addressed in a future update. The current workaround is to change channels to clear the timeshift file or to delete it manually. You can also use a larger USB/sdCard to get around this. (I recommend at least 64GB)
    3. Yes
    4. No. It will wake up and record the program automaticallly
    5. Recordings can be deleted from the Playlist menu inside MYTVOnline. Press the PLAYLIST button.
      1. The timeshift file must be deleted manually now. When you switch channels, the timeshift file should be deleted automatically. If this is not the case, report back

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