Sound problem

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  • Hello, i'm not sure i'm posting at the right place but here goes,

    On my z7+ when ever i hit pause when i'm watching something, anything, the last thing i watched in vod will start playing but only the sound in the background and i cant stop it.

    Even when i'm back on the desktop the sound will keep playing and i have to restart the box for it to stop.

    Please advise if anybody else got this issue.

    thank you.

  • I have a formuler z7+ , i have a 40 inch westinghouse tv, hdmi cable, plugged in with the ethernet cable, i have a wireless usb logitech keyboard( but it was doing it before i got it)

  • Same problem here.... When pause the video is ok sound will continue. When resume the stream after hit play button it will continue where it play live. Sound is not sync , stop, or what ever