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  • Hi Seanns32 & TheMacMan,

    When I booted up my Formuler z7+ and look in my apps my VPN was there NordVPN. So I downloaded and opened.

    Came out and opened MyTVonline, now I know this may sound a bit dim, but will it be there in the back ground working and allowing me to open everything on My TV online...

    Cheers in Advance for your HELP...

  • If the VPN app is designed well, then yes. You can test it by downloading google chrome (or any other browser). So turn on your VPN, then open up the browser and go to http://www.whatismyip.com. Do this with and without your VPN turned on. You should notice a difference in your IP address and location. If it’s working, it means it’s working in the background as desired.

  • Can’t speak for other VPN services running in the background but my ipvanish does. I’ve set it up to start automatically and I don’t even notice it.

  • Hi seanns32 & TheMacMan,

    Did what you suggested turning on & off and then used whatismyip to test.

    All seemed OK, but you have to close that page to open MYTV will still be working.

    Again sorry for sounding a bit DIM...???

    Never used VPN before

    Cheers in Advance for your HELP guys...


  • Yeah it’ll still work. If when you went to Google Chrome and your VPN was active (and you were seeing a different IP address), that means your VPN app works in the background. So you should be all set