MyTvonline Record to a video file format from time shift

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  • Hi all,

    MyTvonline is able to record live Tv, and I don't have a problem with it works perfect with my external HDD.

    My IPTV provider, have enable time shift for some channels. I'm able to access a time shift from 4 hours ago and play it without any issues.

    MyTvonline doesn't record time shift just live Tv. At least I have tryied to press the record button on the remote but nothing appens.

    Is there any way to record a small video from a time shift with MyTvonline?

    I have already try some screen recorders but no sucess.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Aramos,

    older timeshift files exists on the box until you change the channel, so saving timeshift files as video files are at moment not possible but should not be impossible in future. I hope 175n can check this with engineers and make it possible in future updates.