Multiple M3U connections

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  • In Settings>Portal there is 5 places for MAC and 1 for Playlist within MTO.

    Is there any possibility to increase the allowed number of m3u/playlist connections?

    M3U allows for more connections from providers Eg: 3 connections via m3u.

    I have noticed that I can add some of my m3u details into the "non-m3u" portals and it will take the details and connect. So now i have the same provider with same credentials in MAC Portal and Playlist Portal (I have only paid for m3u from provider).
    But the EPG is not fully functional and the favorites never save in the non-m3u portal.
    I have also noticed that the portal that is "non-m3u" seems more stable and has less buffering.

    I would appreciate some feedback/input on this.

    Edit: I just saw that there is a request in the wishlist thread for multiple m3u, but would still appreciate input on the other points.

    Thanks. :)

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  • You have to ask your provider if he can activate your line via your mac address (which he 99% can) you then add the portal that he gives you in MAC PORTAL. The line works much better in my option through mac adress, you can have even multiple lines in those portals and the epg generates automatically but not in the M3U PLAYLIST PORTAL there you can only add 1 m3u line and you also have to add the epg link manually if you even get one.

  • I was trying the m3u list option but every time provider adds channels. My favorites change. I guess mytvonline uses channels number and this could change. I don't experience anything like that with mac. This is the only thing that's preventing me from using playlist. Everything else works great. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • Same here. My favorites for my m3u list portal change but the mac portal favorites is fine. Hope they fix that on next update. Luckily I use my mac portal as my primary and m3u portal as my backup.

    Also, I agree. There should be more m3u list portals instead of just one.

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