Connecting with Mac address or xtreme codes

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  • Hi there I was just wondering which is the best for quality and smooth streaming

    Connecting by giving the provider a MAC address through mytvonline2 using xtreme codes

  • Personnally i prefer to use Xtream-Code.

    With my provider, the EPG works better than with the Portal connection and i'm able to use the live replay with Xtream who doesn't work with the portal connection too.

    But i guess it depends.

  • replay works also with portal!

    Not the "Cloud Timeshift" in my case (the ability to replay the live program), for the others past programs it works like a charm whatever the system you use.

    So does my online TV to work better and better quality than IPTV smarters?

    It will be almost the same. Choose the software your prefer

  • Reply live TV how do you do this?

    If you're connected using Xtream-code on MOL2, you can use the cloud timeshift option ! It will make you able to replay a live program from the beginning.

    To find this option, press "Enter" on a live program and choose the cloud Timeshift option on the bottom of the screen (icon is symbolized by a cloud with 2 arrows inside).

    I think it depends on you supplier too.

    Tell me if it works for you :)

  • Will have a try thank you!