Channels/box freeze

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  • Last night my box (or channels if you like) startet to freeze.No channel was working.

    When I restart the box it workes for a few minutes and then freezes again. Tried another provider, but the problem is still there.

    What could be wrong? Software?Settings?

    As it works when I reset I don't think it can be my service provider

    I do believe it has to be the z8 pro

    Help on this would be nice

  • Have you checked your internet connection and speed during the time you’re experiencing the issue?

    How are you connected, WiFi / Ethernet and have you tried it using either of those. By that I mean do you get the same result on WiFi or Ethernet or both?

    Additionally have you turned off ipv6 just to rule that out too...

    Also manually clear the cache for mytvonline2 and see if that helps.

    Powering off your device and broadband router for 2 minutes and then power back on can sometimes make a huge difference

    if it’s happening with multiple providers, either they aren’t very good or there’s something not right in your setup somewhere.