Z10 pro max removable device / storage

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  • i am having consistent issues mounting usb or sd card for that matter.

    I just got a 64G sandisk and I am running into the following:

    1) When the card is formatted as a removable device it's accessible within android.

    However when I try to configure Mytvonline2 with the device, timeshift does not work.

    2) When the card is formatted as a removable storage it does not even work within android.

    I am getting the following message within storage section in settings. "disk has been safely ejected"
    I have not found a way to load up the Z10 pro while successfully having the card/usb mounted.

    Mytvonline2 timeshift works better with removable storage, if only i could get it setup.

    Any ideas of how to resolve this? i have attempted quite a few permutations trying to make it wok with no avail.

    am I the only one reporting it ? ... its fairly consistent to get it to fail.

    It is interesting that android cannot read a mount that it previously formatted.

  • Same process works fine on a shield tv even on another formuler (gtv).

    Dont know whats different with z10 pro max. Seems like there is a need for an update to patch this.

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    format the USB on a PC as NTFS or FAT32. Do not format using Android.

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