Formuler S Mini Problems

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  • Good Day,

    After testing the Formuler S mini and the USB DVB T2 Tuner, these are the problems I encountered:

    1. There is no auto boot with the MyTV Online App
    2. The USB DVB T2 Tuner is not picking up any Terrestrial Channels " how do you configure the Tuner"
    3. On the remote the tv/ radio button isn't working
    4. i am encountering buffering on the s mini and no buffering on the Z Prime.
    5. Also, for companies that use your devices for output there IPTV, however , at the boot up i realize the start up shows formuler website etc...

  • Hi

    • This option isnt available yet but perhaps it will be an option on the s series.
    • PERFORM STEP 4 REGARDING BUFFERING BEFORE THIS STEP 2: DVB-T2. Follow the bullet point steps below... NOTE. do not insert the USB Dongle yet.
    • Learning remote has been reported
    • buffering: download codecs via manager/plugins/blue key (download)/install add-on linker' input server address keep as default and select 'OK'. scroll across to add-on and select 'audio_codec_pack. reboot and try again. check whether the buffering happens on wireless LAN or direct LAN via Ethernet. This might make a difference.
    • Perform a factory reset on your device.
    • Complete system restore setup wizard
    • Insert the USB DVB-T2 Tuner to your S Series
    • hold the power down continuously from your S Series remote control unit a pop up appears
    • select 'Restart'
    • Once restart has completed. Navigate to [lexicon]settings[/lexicon]/
    • you should see 'Terrestrial Search' options on the left hand side.
  • For S Turbo and Mini use Download Linker and install Audio codecs package.
    Menu -> Apps -> Addon Linker -> Addon Download and then chose needed codecs. After Install box reboot.