Formuler S Mini Problems

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  • Good Day,

    After testing the Formuler S mini and the USB DVB T2 Tuner, these are the problems I encountered:

    1. There is no auto boot with the MyTV Online App
    2. The USB DVB T2 Tuner is not picking up any Terrestrial Channels " how do you configure the Tuner"
    3. On the remote the tv/ radio button isn't working
    4. i am encountering buffering on the s mini and no buffering on the Z Prime.
    5. Also, for companies that use your devices for output there IPTV, however , at the boot up i realize the start up shows formuler website etc...

  • Hi

    • This option isnt available yet but perhaps it will be an option on the s series.
    • PERFORM STEP 4 REGARDING BUFFERING BEFORE THIS STEP 2: DVB-T2. Follow the bullet point steps below... NOTE. do not insert the USB Dongle yet.
    • Learning remote has been reported
    • buffering: download codecs via manager/plugins/blue key (download)/install add-on linker' input server address keep as default and select 'OK'. scroll across to add-on and select 'audio_codec_pack. reboot and try again. check whether the buffering happens on wireless LAN or direct LAN via Ethernet. This might make a difference.
    • Perform a factory reset on your device.
    • Complete system restore setup wizard
    • Insert the USB DVB-T2 Tuner to your S Series
    • hold the power down continuously from your S Series remote control unit a pop up appears
    • select 'Restart'
    • Once restart has completed. Navigate to [lexicon]settings[/lexicon]/
    • you should see 'Terrestrial Search' options on the left hand side.
  • i will try and send my feed back. Does anything else need to be connected to the usb dvb t2 for me to get my free to air channels in my country ?

  • For S Turbo and Mini use Download Linker and install Audio codecs package.
    Menu -> Apps -> Addon Linker -> Addon Download and then chose needed codecs. After Install box reboot.