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  • Hi all,does anyone know if there is a way to delete an individual sat channel/s on the mini.So far I have
    managed to delete all the channels 3 times while attempting to remove a single channel.Better not mention
    which channels I am attempting to remove as it might upset admin here ?( .Also would appreciate some
    info on alternative sources of knowledge on this box,in english,as all I can find seems to be in russian.

  • Quote

    Better not mention which channels I am attempting to remove as it might upset admin here

    Don`t worry, you can delete what you want, nothing will upset me ;) If you want to associate to other "Softcam" thread from you, then its clear, no support for CS here. Because its big risk for this Board first and at end for Formuler. Please understand this.
    After you tell us what you think , can we discuss normally or will this be never ending story how bad all is? We know here very well whats wrong and should be improved, collecting wise feedbacks,requests and forward this to Formuler.

    1. Box is new and like all boxes at start, have also this box enough places for improvements and many bugs that should be fixed.
    2. Is the Channel [lexicon]Editor[/lexicon] bad? Yes, i agree. Its nothing for people who already used E2 boxes and Channel Editors. Is it ok to give Mod. -1 because he want only to help and gave you link to existing [lexicon]Editor[/lexicon], even if this is not what you expect. I think No, he wanted only to help. Will Formuler doe something to change this situation? Of course, they already are checking if its possible to teleport Channel and [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] from E2, so we can use later Editors like Dreamset or maybe Dreamboxedit also.
    3. When will this be possible? Who knows, i hope asap.

    Single channel delete:
    Long press on OK button -> chose service list (button playlist) -> Popup appears on right side- chose delete -> Now you can on left side mark all channels you want to delete with ok, marked channel change the position to middle box -> after job done, press green button and confirm deleting. Now press exit to leave the channel service, otherwise you are still in deleting modus. Hope this can help you.

  • Thank you SAM,I can finally delete unwanted sat channels.I did not mention the CS word on earlier post,was only talking softcam,which is talked about on every sat forum under the sun,why so strict on here when we all know what these boxes are designed to do? So far, I am quite happy with
    this box and realise that it is early days firmware wise.I have a couple of other small issues you
    may be able to help with.
    Is it possible to turn off subtitles on all satellite channels instead of having to do each channel
    individually? Subtitles automatically appear on every sat channel.
    Is it possible to turn off background narrative on some channels? so easy with E2.

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  • You may find the subtitles will reappear after deactivating this. It has been reported and as Sam has mentioned in another post like all new receivers bugs and errors will happen, with everyone feedback it will be fixed.

  • We collected all Bugs, reports from Users and founded issues on our testing here and reported yesterday all to Formuler. This very early FW need many improvements, but like i know Formuler, this will be with time fixed so we must all show little bit patience. Subtitle ON, Audio-stream AUTO and all other default [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] that should set with other default setting are reported. With wise reports, collects and reports we can do very good work together ;) You will see, in few Months this Box will work very good.

    How to turn off Subtitles is already written by Arion and openpro, but what you mean with Background narrative?

  • hi all,
    im new member and new owner from indonesia, i buy coz i think its rx is very promising, so i decide to import to my country, although the price is not not cheap, compare wth the price of any rx in my country with similiar speks, but its 4k,

    the rx s just came arrive for today, i have not opened yet,

    i hope this product get all support sustainable ...


  • Hi SAM,looking forward to the future with this little box.Really like the mytvonline app,looks much
    better than mag box.Zapping is very fast and all apps seem to work good.
    About the background narrative,it is an audio stream with someone describing what is happening
    on screen.I am not sure,but think it is for people with bad eyesight.0n E2 it can be changed to a
    different audio stream using the audio button on remote.If you can receive astra 28.2E and have
    a linux receiver,try some of the free to air channels and press the audio buton on remote,it
    usually appears as NAR in audio [lexicon]settings[/lexicon].Not all channels have this setting available,only some.
    I have only noticed this problem occasionally on bbc channels,not all broadcasts seem to be
    affected either.It is not a big deal,but can be annoying when trying to watch something.

  • I think i understand what you mean, its calling "Audiodeskription" and is for blind people or very bad seeing. Change your [lexicon]settings[/lexicon] (Audio stream) with yellow Button when this appear. When you see it, just press Yellow Button and chose another Audio Track -> from "Mis" (Audiodeskription) to "eng", AC3 or your Country language stream, should disappear then.