Record and watch simultaneously

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  • Hello Formuler team -- was just wondering if I can request a new feature that other boxes support. IPTV boxes such as the BuzzTV XPL 3000 and various Enigma2 boxes support recording one channel while watching another... as long as your IPTV provider supports concurrent streams. I am lucky to have a provider that allows up to five streams at a time, so it would be nice if I could do this on my new z7+. Do you think this is something that the Formuler team could look into?

  • I think this is a great idea! I would love to see this functionality incorporated as well. I'm very active over on the iptvGTA Reddit, and I have noticed that many subs support multiple streams. It's time boxes started leveraging this!!!

    This might be going out on a limb, but another really interesting feature could be the ability to record Catch Up TV streams as well. This way I could save a program and watch it later before it falls off the EPG (after ~7 days). Food for thought.

  • I took this request on the list and will be forwarded to Formuler for considering. For now have the Bugfixes prio.

  • I too would love to see this feature. Why stop at 1 recorded stream though? There should be plenty of horsepower to record 3 or 4 while watching another. A raspberry pi can do it:
    this thread
    I did this exact thing and found the simplest way to accomplish it was by using LibreELEC on either a Raspberry Pi or an S905 Amlogic Kodi box. LibreELEC has an easy to install version of TV Headend that worked way better then when I tried to install on my NAS. The TV Headend addon also makes it much simpler to add the Vader Stream xml file to get the EPG up and running. You can also setup the recording location to be a folder on your NAS or add an external flash or hard drive to the box. With a Raspberry Pi 3 I was able to record 5 streams at once since that's what Vaders allows.

    Would also be nice to see the ability to stream one of these recordings to another box. Then you've got the equivalent of the Bell Whole Home PVR.