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  • Match Center Group shows no channels. I have Vader and when I access on laptop, it works, but Z7+, no. Please help. Upcoming event that I want to watch on MYTV and can't see it anywhere.

  • Well match center works on Vader website and in KODI. The main reason I care is that mytv gives me timeshifting, which is why I bought the box. If it works everywhere but mytv, I think it might be the software. Hope a mod sees this and comments a suggestion.

  • Have you check on the portal on other apps like stbemultor justing case it's an issue with provider not the software? If it happens on a mag emulator then it's the provider if does not happen on an mag emulator then it's myonline worth checking

  • MatchCentre is not on Stalker Portals i.e Mag or Formuler. (its not formuler software or mag software, its that they don't have listings on matchcentre on these portals)

    Live Events Folder is the same, just not listed like match centre.

    Best ask provider though, opposed to a support forum for HARDWARE, not iptv subscriptions as then you get better answer.

  • Danny is correct.
    Use to see which channels each event is in.
    And then go to live events section to watch it. There is a minimal epg too so you can probably record etc.

    And ask the provider to make it work properly, they were working on it a few months ago but apparently they couldn't make it work, that's why they have Live Events