Catch Up Z7+ FF and REW

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  • Here´s a weird one we have 1 iptv provider 1 using Stalker,.. in all the Z series the catch up FF and REW work fine however on the Z7+ it doesn´t, i.e. as soon as a catch up file is opened the playback blue bar shoots right to the end of the file and if REW is selected the blue bar shoots right to the beginning ? Anyone has any ideas about this?

  • Try reformatting your external storage and try again.

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  • ?? I don´t have external storage,.... I´m talking about catch up file from an IPTV provider

    yeah I’ve had similar issues for a long time. Honestly, fast forward and rewind with catchup has never worked great for me. FF and REW on a recording works fine for me, but not for catchup. I reported these issues awhile back and I think some other users confirmed the issue as well, but not sure if fixes are in the pipeline or not.