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  • Hi All,

    I read some issues on the Z7+ that is not solved. Lots of people buy a device and trust that it work good. They PAY for it. For some its a lot of money for some it isn't but is not issue.

    To developers:

    PLEASE Solve follow

    1. Fix issues with TimeShift and HD and FHD Channels. Sound doesn't stop playing when video is on pause
    2. Recordings more then 1 hour not stop or break recording.
    3. TimeShift after pause you continue watching. Start from moment you press pause button.

    Would be great to see this QUICK fix soon, and lot of users will be happy, and trust the Formuler crew... And maybe we all gonna buy the future new devices because formuler bring a GOOD product that works!!!!

    For all users, please hit the LIKE BUTTON to support this post. Leave comments is ok, but this is only a massive signal to the developers that they must do something!!!

    P.S.: There is a wish list. Check it and maybe you want some future options as well. Post your comment there:

    Wish List / MyTVOnline

  • We care, read carefully and if understandable, forward this to the devs. Reported issues are forwarded and need to be improved. When? i don`t know, depends from devs. and to do list. Please be patient, also this issues will be fixed but everything need time.

  • Maybe a idea to make a special post with all the ToDo where the devs working on.

    And behind it the status: prepare, build, testing, beta testing, release or something

    So we all can see what they doing...

  • I understand your request very well, i really do but this is something for non profit and open source teams and not for manufacturer if you think about detailed list. Manufacturer must calculate, Men power, time, projects etc. etc. Believe me, i would also like to see this but making logs from all changes, share and give promise is very risky. Devs to do list and priority is the part from them, forwarding, reporting, etc. from others.

    How ever, i will think about your request and try to find better solution on Forum to inform the Users. Testing, beta testing and release can be already found in firmware or beta threads, reading is something else ;)

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.