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  • Hi,

    i have a formuler z7+ and i have a iptv provider who works with portal mac address but unfortunly the service didnt work at this box and we dont know why.

    theres some friends who have the same box and the same service and works fine.

    i bough another one to tries and the error message was the same.

    its possible the bouth boxes are with problems?

    i tried in another lan service (my parents house) and the message is the same.

    I give to them (iptv provider) the full mac address who apears at the butum at right at mytvonline app.

    maybe you can help with this or someone had the same problem.


    BEst regards.

    Ricardo Freire

  • It's possible the mac has already been added in the providers system by someone else. This happens quite a bit and is simple to solve for stbemu or the buzztv boxes because they have the ability to change mac addresses. MOL(2) doesn't have this feature so you're at the mercy of the provider. I have asked the Formuler guys to think about this feature a few times but they say they will not add it for some reason. Ask your provider to search for the mac in their system to see if it's already there.