new formuler z7+ iptvonline i get only : your account id blocked or expired

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  • i buy a new formuler z7+ and come from a mag256, my provider change my old mac adres to the new mac adres, but in mytvonline i only get your account is blocked or expired

    the mac adres is correct, url is also correct, my providers says to me he see my online in his admin, and he gives me a screenshot, on that screenshot i see my box is online, but i will still get the message your account is blocked or expired ??.

    i try some new test account of other providers, but they also give the same message: your account is blocked or expired??

    doing a factory reset, and all update without the result that i want?..

    is there something i can do wrong??

  • I think it is confusing for some people.

    In the Formuler you see ID and Macadres.

    But you must give the ID from the Formuler to the provider

    ID = starts with 00:1a:79:xx:xx:xx

    Macadres = 00:1e: xx : xx : xx but this one is NOT what you must give to the provider.

    I really don't no why Formuler uses this?

    Also the provider had to now that macadresses start with 00:1a etc

  • Why is this confusing? Your provider will ask for a Mac address starting with 00:1A:79 so that's all you have to look for in MOL or even on the packaging. If you give them the wrong Mac they will tell you as they can only enter one Mac format in their system.