BUG : subtitles do not disappear

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  • Didn't notice anybody talk about it : subtitles do not disappear. I mean, if the sentence of the character is done and there is no word for 5 minutes for example, the last text will be stuck on the screen.

    Same thing when jumping from end of episode to next, the last sentence text is still on the screen till a new one is written…

    Noticed it with Series, I dont know yet if same vor Movies or Live Channels.

  • ronnie

    After your postings (rude one belongs too), i took today more then one hour to reproduce your reported problems. Not to mention i already tested in past after you first report in other thread with beta. This is what i saw and i can proof it with videos if needed.


    What was tested and how:

    Portal with registered ID, Z8 with latest Update and MOL2.

    Series: 4 different series with 2-3 episodes from each series and choose each time French subtitle.

    Started, forwarded, stopped, pause, play etc.

    Each episode show normal subtitles coming and going like it should, not even one was longer then 2-3 sec. after actor stopped to speak!

    Each episode stop right after End Logo and start with next episode (timeline -35/45sec where are only actor names shown, this is the moment where Logo appear and next episode loads).

    Not even one single problem appear!

    Videos: Same test like Series. Started, forwarded, stopped, pause, play etc. all the time eyes on timeline if something change wrong or similar.

    All subtitel works great, no matter if English or French, actor stop to speak the subtitle disappear after 2-3 sec. and the video ends correctly with right timeline.

    Live TV: Test with one channel and Film. Choose subtitle "fre (DVB)", same like other, all shown fine and subtitle disappear correctly .


    All reported from you did n`t appear and all contents works and are shown normal. I have nothing to hide and i definitive do not take my very RARE time to test something without reason, i test always neutral, appear some Bug then this must be fixed, but it must also be reproducible!

    Others can test it also on own side and proof.

    Now, before you say: But this happens on my side.

    I will say i believe you that this happen but do me a favour and ask your self if the problem is not your own provider?

    Book one day for testing , open some trial sub on good provider (and i mean good provider) check this again and you will see it works.

    IPTV is not only one standard (like sat or cable tv) and so many portals out there don`t follow same standards and my friend that is ridiculous!

    Good Providers works like charm and show where the box need optimisation and bad ones brake even good boxes and let disappear the potential of the box.

    There are even some Portals working hand in hand with concurrence (don`t want to call the name) and this one don`t want to support our boxes and let the Customers with his problems alone, but.... like to get money from same customers, this is also ridiculous!

    Keep this in mind because it`s true and i don`t write this without reason. I hope many others will read this thread too (hope twice to understand correctly), not to write the same text over and over trough 100 other threads ;)


    Formuler try his best and i know it, this people work almost 24h, consider user requests, try to fix all but sometimes are 24h simply to short. I did n`t hear not even one single word like "Good done" or similar since last Update. Yeah, very motivated for such people like us who sit 7 days a week on PC and try to Help.

    We can only grow and fix all as Community, and this hand in hand. Looking only on his own and not to try to understand what is really going on, doesn`t help at all.

  • Does not happen with my 2 providers on other apps.

    Does happen with the 2 providers on your app.

    Does happen with another guy who has sent you a support ticket email about that issue and also the 2 others I'm experiencing (EPG slow loading + VOD stopping before the end if long paused)

    But surely it is just on my side…

    This is not a provider issue but definitely you that do not cover all the technical paths (maybe there are different formats for subtitles, maybe EPG is not loading the same way depending on portal setting, UTC, offset, things, etc.), otherwise why other apps do not have these issues ?

    You had us pay a lot of money for an unfinished product guys, and all I needed was to have an answer for one of these plenty bugs, and this is the first time you take time for it.

  • Then proceed all needed to the support so they can check on their side! Your ticket is still active.

  • This is not my ticket. Did not even know about support ticket feature before the another guy sent it to me and did not think about looking for it as you asked for feedbacks on this forum. But ok then I'll open one for each bug ok thanks.