file size limitation when copying files using samba

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  • I have a USB drive attached to Z8. It is formatted as NTFS and has a lot of free space.

    MOL2 can create recording files 3G or 4G large.

    When I tried to use Window 10 to copy files larger than 1G using samba, it erred with "There is not enough space on share. You need an additional xxx MB to copy these files".

    There was no error when copying files less than 1G.

    Anything I should change to remove such limitation?


  • I agree with the conclusion from Mevi below. Smbd on Z8 has been limited: max disk size

    I have just tested it myself:

    - Started SAMBA Service on Z8

    - Created drive mapping to \\<Z8 IP>\share

    - Windows 10 explorer shows 1GB free space while the Z8 storage menu shows 30GB free space.

    smbd version: 4.4.3

    CIFS version: 2.05

    I suggest to add this to the "requested new/changed" feature list for future updates.

    Until then, attach the USB drive to the Win10 device and copy files directly via USB.

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