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  • Hello. Z8 newbie here. I've been experiencing an issue when I start my Z8, and this happens every time. Upon turning on I have a small exclamation point next to network settings icon. It will not connect to my VPN (Express VPN via Google play store) which I usually turn on first before watching TV. Haven't tried, but will assume tv won't work either as seems to think no internet. Forgot to mention but when I check network it's showing a good connection. Any help appreciated

  • Exclamation Mark after restart is discussed many times here, check also the forum search. I guess you have installed latest update? If not please do this first. If the issue appear again, deactivate IPV6 in settings.

    BTW. how are you connecting, wifi or ethernet?

  • The exclamation point is there right at initial start up, not a restart. Yes I'm pretty sure I'm up to date on updates. As i recently purchased it had updates right out of box to do. Connection is via ethernet cable. Seems that after I restart Z8 is fixes itself, but feel I shouldn't have to perform a restart every time. Contacted person that sold it to me, and they said I should uninstall my VPN app that that is what is causing issue.