Why is there no Guides fro MOL3

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  • Why buy something if you don’t know what it does?

    Features on any device are for the user to find.

    As mentioned above, there’s plenty of routes you can take to find out what does what.

    A simple google search would have seen you well on your way


  • maybe he didn't get a hardcopy manual with his unit.

    if you identify what exactly you wish to get help with the information can be provided.

    The manual doesn’t provide information on features, the devices are specifically presented for Mytvonline.

    Yes of course other apps can be installed but the manual isn’t really for that.

    Jumping Rabbit, you’re far more understanding than me. My opinion is that some just need to give their heads a wobble lol

    Why must there be a list of features or a manual for everything. Some things are much more exciting to find them out.

    It could be that persons should have a basic understanding of what they’re purchasing a product for and or where to find information.

    Specifically if someone wants to know what the Formuler remote buttons do, for those buttons that don’t have words, simply Google “Formuler / mytvonline remote” and there they’ll find a picture.

    It would be completely nonsensical to have a list of features to cover everything within the packaging. Features change, new features added.

    As you mentioned in your post, the forum is there for that.

    I know this isn’t majorly my place to say this but I think my issue, and this is in complete defence of Formuler and the users of the forum, even if it’s not asked for… It’s that too many posts are appearing on this forum with a wash of complaint after complaint or sarcastic comments posted because they can’t find something. It makes it look bad and it seems all doom and gloom.

    It completely detracts from the excellent effort put in by everyone

    It’s frustrating if someone can’t find a feature and that’s understandable but equally for the readers of the forum to see the same recycled information.

    Maybe some should consider their wording when posting.

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    Most Guidance, How to`s, Videos, Articles etc. are already on forum (pinned on first places in each forum) + forum search helps too.

    For example Video thread -> MYTVOnline2 Video Tutorials

  • Learning is best done by exploration and practice.

    With social media and the internet it is easier now than then to find info than reading a 120 or more page guide lol.

    But some people need personal help because they find it difficult to search and understand how content are written.

    some may say is simply lazyness.

    or some may prefer a hardcopy book with step by step instructions.

    You ever notice despite all the information available on the internet, company's phone support is heavily traffic?

  • yeah he is right most got deleted on youtube.... there isnt alot..

    Thats right,but in Homepage ->Helpcenter most videotutorials are available!