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  • Hello

    I have ordered a formuler z7+ and I'm already starting to regret it after reading through this forum and I haven't even recieved my device yet.

    But then again people with problems always seem to be the most vocal.

    So my question is does every user experience this buffering problem whilst using the Mytvonline app and is there a problem with ethernet connection and or WiFi connection?

    Apologies if anyone is offended by this post, I am genuinely concerned and considering sending my box back when I receive it for a full refund.

  • I connect to it through a hard line, not sure of these buffering issues people are talking about. I would say that is more provider based, or VPN based. Best to maybe try a few trials to see if it is the box,


  • I also only used wired connection.

    I have been with my iptv provider now over two years and currently have 9 months worth of subcription so I'm kind of backed into a corner with regards to using other providers.

    I did mention to them I was buying a formuler and they seemed to indicate there would be no problems.

    Their service is available to use on satellite receivers, mags and android ect, and I am able to sign into my account and assign mac address myself so they seem to fairly organised their end.

  • Just thought I would come back to my original post and leave some feedback as I've now been using my device for around a week.

    Mytvonline works great with no buffering issues and after it populates the epg at first boot it's fast and effective after that, although classic style epg is a fraction slower than normal style epg.

    Possible that could be improved.

    Recording, timeshift and catchup work really well definitely my favourite features. Setting up my 64gb sd card for recording and timeshift was straight forward only small issue is after recording something it is sometimes stored on sd card as either name of show recorded or channel name.

    Internet connection is spot on, I am getting my full speed connected via tp link powerline adapters. No complaints.

    Support for Android tv style apps is disappointing specifically bbc iplayer, all4, bbc sport, Netflix, amazon prime video. I am aware this is not a formuler z7+ specific problem but more of an android os problem. Having used an amazon fire tv box for the last 2 years it's disappointing not to have these apps optimised for the formuler but mytvonline makes it worth it.

    The remote is my only real gripe, it's too big and clicky for me, I have purchased the smaller formuler remote due to this.

    I also have an Rii i8+BT mini keyboard connected directly via Bluetooth and had no issues with pairing or stability of connection with Bluetooth.

    Overall I am happy with the formuler z7+ and I will be keeping an eye on future device releases from formuler with a view if purchasing.

  • install TerrariumTV and you’ll love your box even more!

  • Hi seanns32 & Drippy:

    Please explain to me what is Terrarium Tv. What are advantages to install in Formuler z7+. If I decide how to install - step by step please.

    Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.....

  • It’s like Netflix, but better;) every tv show and movie at your finger tips

    To install Terrarium (Movies and TV Shows)

    1) Go to Google Play Store app (pre-installed on your Formuler box)

    2) Search for Google Chrome. Download (press ‘allow’ whenever permissions are asked) and install

    3) Open up Google Chrome. Go to

    4) Scroll down to where you see ‘Download Link: Latest Version 1.9.10 Download’. You will be asked if you want to download the file and just say yes/allow for everything

    If everything worked, Terrarium should now be installed on the Formuler box

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.