Buffering issues

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  • Hi,

    After much tinkering and investigating i think the MYTVOnline app is potentially the cause of my buffering issues.

    First i increased buffer to 10 seconds. Ensured HLS Start Mode was set to Normal (been searching these forums). I run my vpn client on my router with no issues. set static ip address on box and router.

    My connection speed is more than ample whether connected to vpn or not, buffering happens whether i'm connected to vpn or not. Been in contact with provider, I can change the streaming server i am connected to via my iptv provider account which i have done and tried, closest to me. My next step was install kodi on z7+ then install simple pvr client addon. When streaming via Kodi i get no buffering but switch back to MYTVOnline app and for some reason it causes excessive buffering intermittently and regulary, tried factory and software reset (twice).

    Just wondering is there possible an issue with the app ? anyone else having same issues ? any help/advice/recommendations very welcome.

    Thank you.

  • UPDATE: 19/03/2018

    SAM - I have tagged you here as you are admin and hopefully can help now get this escalated if possible.

    Edit: can't tag SAM (admin) for some reason.

    @175n - Have tagged you as i think you are staff and can report bugs?


    1) Streaming via IPTV provider web portal using my computer using web browser, no buffering in the time I was watching in web portal with and without VPN connection.

    2) Streaming via Z7+ using official IPTV provider android app, odd buffer here and there with and without VPN. But not excessive and what I consider normal for any streaming, specially IPTV.

    3) Streaming via Z7+ using official IPTV provider Kodi add-on, same as number 2 above. (advancedsettings.xml optimized)

    4) Streaming via Z7+ using other streaming apps, i.e. all uk on demand apps, youtube, other streaming apps from market etc, no buffering.

    5) Streaming from my mobile using official IPTV provider android app with and without a VPN connection over Wi-Fi, no buffering.

    Now here comes the issue.

    8.) Streaming via Z7+ using the MyTVOnline app and I get buffering regularly, totally abnormal, although I experience buffer now and then from my IPTV provider which is part of IPTV it’s just so bad in the MyTVOnline app it comes up all the time ‘loading…’ and those blue rectangle icons that supposed to show connection and the little circle icon next to it greys out when buffering happens (loading…) and I suspect the problem lies around that part of the app, making it impossible to use the MyTVOnline app to stream which is a great shame as I bought the box for this app specifically.

    Other users have also reported this on the forum so this is not an isolated problem with just myself. When I get buffering I then test the same channel in computer web browser or different app, device and I don’t get any or very little so not the channel either. So, the MyTVOnline app must have serious bug somewhere.

    My testing and findings:

    This confirms this is not an issue with my IPTV provider, my internet, my two VPN providers, my hardware/equipment. I can stream without buffering or very little buffering whether connected to a VPN or not and via their web portal on my computer, mobile, vi Kodi their own official Kodi add-on and official android app without buffering or very little. Yet stream via the z7+ MyTvOnline app and it’s extremely excessive.

    I have tested this with two VPN providers and over my normal internet connection using multiple VPN locations, changing streaming server locations from my IPTV provider account, testing different devices using same setups/servers etc and different configurations.

    I have a fibre connection and getting full speed via VPN 57mbps download / 20mbps upload, average ping 15/20ms.

    I run my VPN client on my router and my router has hardware accelerated crypto which drastically improves VPN speeds, my router is only few days old and had same buffering problem on previous router so not my equipment or internet connection speed, not my modem as my line stats can be viewed via my modem web-gui, I use my own equipment not the cheap ISP provided equipment. Again, this happens when using my normal internet connection as well. Same as what others on this forum have reported.

    The only one I can’t stream from because of extensive buffering ‘loading…’ is the MyTVOnline app and others agree with this as seen on this forum.

    That leaves me with…

    1) The Z7+ not powerful enough (doubt it very much)

    2) There is a serious bug in the firmware and/or the MyTVOnline app. Highly Likely.

    I have done everything possible to try and track this down as far as I can and have spent a few days testing all this out and it’s cost me money to do so. At this point I am hoping someone who has the authority could escalate this to whom it concerns as it’s needs investigating further, I have done everything I possibly can in terms of testing,

    I have gone above and beyond doing this to be honest but i can 100% confidently say this is a bug with the MyTVOnline app.

    Seeing as I and others are also posting about this issue I hope we can get a resolution to this as at the moment I see no point in owning this box as it causes serious buffering problems using the MyTVOnline app, the one thing I wanted to use it for and others agree to,

    May send it back depending if this can be investigated further as these results speak for themselves to be fair, like I say I have done extensive testing, I am not going to reset the box every time something goes wrong as that is not a solution. I don’t want to send it back but feel I have done everything I can at this point. I really like the box and don't want to sound nasty or harsh in any shape or form but someone needs to admit the mytvonline app is the problem and that it will be sent over to whomever it concerns for investigating, seeing this box is being bought mainly for the app, i do feel it's very important this is escalated with the highest priority.

    Thank you.

    ps. If formuler want's to award me with a medal then i'll happily take it :thumbsup: ... my head is fried and my body aches, i'm tired being up til 3AM early hours every day since last week, every day/night testing all this but hope we get get this sorted now. :D

  • In addition to the above. Another quick update:

    One thing i have not done is try another iptv provider. So i signed up for a trial with a good iptv provider, i added them to the mytvonline app portal and so far no buffering at all.

    This means the first iptv provider and the mytvonline app doesn't work well together at all. Also i been having conversation with another member who also happens to be with the same iptv provider as me on which this issue is happening via the mytvonline app.

    I have reported this to the iptv provider in question and await a response from them. However i want to reiterate that others have reported this issue to on here and they may not be using same provider as me so still possible the mytvonline app still has a bug causing excessive buffering. Hopefully other users will pick this up who having same issue and reply to let us know.

    The only way we gonna squash this bug if there is one, pun intended is to work together. so other users if you having this issue please reply and let us know as if you having excessive buffering and not using same provider as me then good chance still a bug in mytvonline app or you're network/setup. In my case i have pointed this issue down between first iptv provider and the mytvonline app, as all explained.

    So ... At the moment it seems iptv provider (first one) isn't playing ball with the mytvonline app or the mytvonline app isn't playing ball with the first iptv provider, second iptv provider working fine so far no buffering

    Will report back once i here back from iptv provider.

    Can admin or someone knowledge this thread please so we know you are listening?

    Thank you

  • Does your IPTV provider use xstream codes? This is a known issue. It's working beautifully with one of my provide is but not with the other same issue as you. However my biggest problem with the box is unable to rouse it from standby mode and, when it does wake up spinning Android Circle forever. They've got to the end of the month to fix it and then I'm returning it sadly

  • Does your IPTV provider use xstream codes? This is a known issue. It's working beautifully with one of my provide is but not with the other same issue as you. However my biggest problem with the box is unable to rouse it from standby mode and, when it does wake up spinning Android Circle forever. They've got to the end of the month to fix it and then I'm returning it sadly

    Yes but when i signed up i had to choose between MAG type device (mag portal) which i choose or xstream, so yes they do support xstream but not on my account as i choose MAG device which requires a MAC address to be provided to IPTV provider.

    I have seen the spinning android circle when powering up device but never got stuck there. I assume you have tried a factory and software reset? Possibly you were unlucky and just got a faulty or fake box.

    I have about three times had to pull the power out on back of box sometimes as if it won't respond.

    Did you buy from a official distributor?

  • Another update:

    I have spoken to iptv provider, going round and round in roundabouts, basically blaming device lol, well it's not to be fair as i tried another provider and no issues now with the mytvonline app, works great, not saying there's a bug still as others are having issues with buffering to but can only speak for myself with all the testing i have done on my own setup, network etc.

    Seeing as my iptv provider typically like they do, quick to blame device or connection and to top it off after days of testing, and chatting to them, and hours of hard work and costing me money buying extra vpn etc. From the start i told them which device and app i'm using to be told then today there service doesn't play well with z7+ or the app and they don't recommend it or support the mytvonline app, clearly just making it up as they go along as it just takes a mag portal url like many other apps out there, yet i have to say there service works fine elsewhere just not with the mytvonline app, i get why they saying that it's not them as there service works great on other apps on the Z7+, but quick to bash the box because there service and the mytonlineapp don't play well together. Funny enough i know 1 other provider at least that highly recommend this Z7+.

    So in summary, maybe still a bug with buffering and app but for me since trying another provider i have not had a single buffer in the past 4 hours, with my OLD provider it would buffer from every minute to few minutes non stop.

    I don't know if i can post the provider here but if staff want to message me or something i will tell you who they are, that way in future you can ask customers if they are with this particular provider and save everyone a load of hassle.

    Now i'm going to have some me time with my new box and enjoy some streaming! as we not properly bonded yet lolz :P

    Will post if anything changes but so far all good :D

  • Thanks for doing all that testing. I get it... This is a 7z is as close to perfect solution to iptv woes as I have ever seen. When it works that is. I'm battling the issue with the red and light at the beginning and the spinning Android Wirley. So frustrated that the box has so many bugs and I am concerned because I see posts about my issue going back to last November I'm not prepared to wait around for that long 4 patch

  • teddylabs, droidbug. This has been my experience too with servers using xstream codes. In my experience, mytv app works better on stalker

  • @droidbug

    Thanks for the extensive feedback.
    Formuler engineers have been made aware of this issue.

    Please PM me when you have time.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Could you let me know who your old provider is please? Having same issue with mine and like you another provider works with no buffer at all.

  • Hi All,

    Recently a week back I purchased the Formuler Z7+ box, updated with the latest firmware and MyTvonline app. Having 50 Mbps link and box is hard wired to the router. I am facing lot buffering issues for all the live channels but VOD & catchup is working properly.

    But i have a koi box configured with the same iptv service , in that live channels works flawlessly without any buffering.

    Kindly help me to resolve this issues, if this a bug please try to fix it in the upcoming release.

  • Benutze den besten provider den es gibt
    50 k leitung telekom
    weder vor noch nach dem update irgendwelche buffering probleme auf 720 /1080
    etliche z7+ schon in den pfoten gehabt aber nie probleme dieser Art

    using the best iptv provider you can have
    50 k connection german telecom
    no issues before and after the update with 720 / 1080
    got lots of z7+´s in my hands, never had problems like this

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  • das hat nicht mit providera zu tun hab ich Kabel 400 Mbit und puffering kommt nur wen ist IPv6 Firewall an

  • I have tried to disable the IPV6 firewall in the router but still buffering happens. Mostly the buffering happens for 4k streams. But the same 4k stream is working properly with Kodi using stalker app. I am not sure where the issue will be.

  • das hat nicht mit providera zu tun hab ich Kabel 400 Mbit und puffering kommt nur wen ist IPv6 Firewall an

    Du kannst auch 1 Terraflop Letung haben, du kriegst nur das was der Server am anderen Ende liefert ...

    soweit mir bekannt ist, unterstützen die IPTV Server kein IPV6 Protokoll, daher glaube ich nicht das es was damit zu tun hat.
    sobald jemand single stack ipv6 aktiviert hat seitens des internet providers, kann er lediglich die senderliste herunterladen, nicht aber connecten, dann kommt garnichts. Nur Dual Stack ipv4/ ipv6 funktioniert.

    mit " provider "meinte ich den iptv service provider, der häufigste Fehler aller Bufferings findet sich dort.
    Es gibt meines Wissens nach nur eine Handvoll IPTV Provider die verlässlich Bandbreite liefern auch zur Prime Time oder Live Sports

    You can also have 1 Terraflop Connection, you only get what the server delivers at the other end ...

    as far as I know, the IPTV servers do not support IPV6 protocol, so I do not think it has anything to do with it.
    assoon as someone activates single stack ipv6 on the part of the internet
    provider, he can only download the sender list, but not connect, then
    nothing comes. Only dual stack ipv4 / ipv6 works.

    with "provider" I meant the iptv service provider, the most common mistake of all Bufferings is there.
    There are, to my knowledge, only a handful of IPTV providers that provide reliable bandwidth even to prime time or live sports