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  • hi.

    I have a formuler z box smd in the past days i have no sound on one important channel.

    All other channel works but not this.

    I have another line on my phone from the same provider and the channel works good.

    I have a friend that have the same provider and the same box thati have and the sound works fine on this channel.

    This is very strange, does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem?

    As i said it is a very imortant channel here.

    I have three channels of this channel in my playlist and everyone has no sound.

    I have tried to update the box but nothing happend.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • It`s important to know the firmware and MYTVOnline version. Please try to update your box to latest fw and sw/mol version.

    Also the audio codec install at first step or after factory reset is important to confirm with "OK", some people deny and wonder later why audio on some channels doesn't work properly. Alternatively you can install the audio codec manually, the Audio optimizer app from market and check if under Android-> Sound -> Hdmi and spdif output is set to LPCM.

    Please read also the instructions thread -> Z Series Instructions / Z Serie Anleitungen

  • I updated the box to the latest yesterday.

    Where can i see MYTV Online version?

    What is the easyiest thing for me to try to get the sound to work?

  • SAM

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