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  • My tv online 2 is the MAC address also the ID and if so is there a video on how to setup everything ,the only thing on YouTube is for mytvonline 1 and it looks totally different

  • Hi Scott24

    When you say is it also the ID what do you mean by that? if you have a subscription that uses a stalker portal and mac address you just goto connections, add portal/mac address (if thats how you connect to you subscription service), then iput the portal url, then send your mac address to your provider, they will need to change your mac address on thier panel as theres no way to adjust the mac address in mytvonline2, so they have to change it thier end for you to be able to use it.:thumbup:

  • When I open mytv online 2 no where does it say MAC address but in the top right corner it says ID then numbers this is in my portal settings and I have my own iptv panel just never had anyone has MAC address

  • SAM

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