Connecting Problems

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  • Guten Tag,

    bin neu hier, habe mir vor kurzem eine Formuler Z8 zugelegt. Habe aber das Problem das meine Verbindung zum Portal immer wieder ohne Grund abbricht.

    Sie läuft teilweise 2 Tage ohne Probleme und dann ohne Grund wieder einfach alles weg. Meine Internetleitung funktioniert einwandfrei. Ich habe auch die GSE App auf meinem Handy drauf.

    Dort ist mir aufgefallen das auch mit meiner Wlan Empfang ich die Programme nicht zum laufen bekomme. Sobald ich aber auf dem Handy auf Mobile Daten wechsle , funktioniert das

    wieder einwandfrei, bloss nicht auf meiner Formuler Z8. Komischerweise funktionieren aber alle anderen Apps auf der Formuler.

    Ich weiss das dieses Thema öfters hier anscheinend behandelt wurde, trotzdem bitte ich euch wiederum um Hilfe. Komme einfach nicht mehr weiter. Ich habe auch das gleiche Problem wenn

    ich die m3u Liste per Fernbedienung in die Portal list eintrage. Sie funktioniert, dann wieder ohne Grund geht die Verbindung weg. Ich benutze als Router eine Connectbox. Habe meiner Formuler Box eine iP Adresse zugewiesen und dann auf der Connect Box zu Reservierte Regeln hinzugefügt.

  • ich die m3u Liste per Fernbedienung in die Portal list eintrage.


    are you sure, you used the portal connection to include m3u url and not playlist connection?

  • Hallo, ich habe mich einmal über Add Portal connected und das andere mal über Add Play list. Habe beide Optionen von meinem Provider erhalten gehabt.

  • Was ich nicht genau weiss, ist das ich bei Add Play list die ganz lange http:// .....................................ts eingegeben habe. Und sie ist ja auch gelaufen, bloss nach einer Zeit wird alles dunkel. Komischerweise läuft es aber auf meinem Handy mit GSE App.

  • Please continue in English, other`s want also to understand!

    When black window appears again, check under connection first if your sub is marked in green as connected to provider and then if your box can reach internet.

    BTW did you already install latest Firmware and MYTVOnline2 Update?

  • Sorry my English is not so good. So please forgive me my mistakes in case I am wrong. Thank Uncle Google.

    I know what you mean. No, it's not green. My internet connection works but perfectly. I can also play everything else with other apps on the Formuler Z8. Just the Mytv online 2 connects once again not with the provider. My app GSE on the phone does not work via Wi-Fi to play the broadcasts. But as soon as I go on mobile data, so do not use WiFi, it works on the phone and I can see all the stream.

  • No problem, my is also not the best ;)

    If i understand well, your Wifi could be the problem. Did you try with ethernet and cable?

    By the way, check also this how to, just to be sure you inserted all correctly -> How to use MAC/ID portal, Xtrema Codes Api (XC) and M3U Url on Formuler Boxes.

  • Then it's good. :-))
    yes, I've tried it with Epthernet and cable. I'm still connected with cable, it does not matter if I connect it via WiFi or Ethernet cable. It's the same problem, sometimes it sometimes works fine for a couple of days or sometimes not at all. I have your guide "How to use MAC / ID portal, Xtrema Codes Api (XC) and M3U Url on Formuler Boxes." read and synonymous with me in the receiver inserted. I have tried 2 options, once on Xtrema Codes Api and once on the M3U Url. Both times the same problem. I am desperate why this could be.

  • Pitbull

    Changed the title of the thread from “Verbindung geht verloren” to “Connecting Problems”.
  • You can try following:

    1. Give your box static ip and set this also in Connectbox (Menu: Diesem Netzwerkgerät immer die gleiche IPv4-Adresse zuweisen.)

    2. Change DNS Server from Unitymedia to Google server dns, search on Google for how to.

    3. Change from ipv6 to ipv4. Turn off IPV6 under Android Settings if you use latest firmware. BTW (by the way) you didn`t tell me what fw and MOL2 software version you use.

  • Sam,
    First of all thank you for trying to help me.
    I have the Softaware 7.2.2 on it. I have already assigned an Ip to the Formuler Z8 and set the DNS1 to I have already switched off the Ipv6. I have a Connect Box as a router, whether that is probably in it? I do not have as many settings as in a Fritzbox. Have already been added to the Connectbox the FOrmuler Z8 on reserved rule.

  • You did all right like i can see, the box should work without problems and this settings. Don`t want to say straight it is your connectbox or provider but it could be possible. Are you able to test some other provider subscription (other reseller) for few days to see if the same happens?

  • If it stops working on your home internet, but works if you connect to mobile data, your provider could be banning your IP for some reason.

    Without an answer from the provider, it is hard to know.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • I have a similar connection issue. I have a Formuler Z8 wired connection, and a Formuler Z7+ wifi connection. Random issue with MyTvOnline2 loosing "signal" where the signal icon is grayed out (no signal) but yet connections menu shows "connected to provider". At this point the Z7+ and MyTvOnline also has the same issue. Trying to re-connect from menu only gives 0% and nothing else, hangs. Yet if I change providers on the same setup, there is no issue at all.

    The only way to resolve this is to reboot modem/router, then the Z8 and Z7+. All will be stable and working until the cycle repeats for whatever reason. I am trying to troubleshoot this and have no answer yet. Any comments would be helpful.

  • Excuse me, that I'll answer you now. I've been watching myself switch channels while the channel is switched off. I have to reboot and reconnect to the provider via My TV online 2. And that does not always work

  • I am currently trying different primary and secondary DNS addresses in the modem/router.

    I am surprised how different ones either help or make worse connection issues.

    For example if I used the DNS address that my ISP uses, I can not make a connection to my IPTV provider at all!

    Try Google DNS and then reboot modem/router and the Formuler.

    See If That helps.

  • Try this one, is faster then google and better privacy. Btw. isp controls trough own dns servers very much, is first user control step from many.

    • For IPv4: and
    • For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001