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  • Hello,
    I have some questions/problems with my new Formuler S-mini that I have bought today :
    1) With the Formuler z+ It s possible to select an app to boot on it (For example MyTvOnline)
    I don t find this option on thé S-Mini Normal ?
    2) When I see a channel I can press the blue button on the remote for favorite channel But witch button or option to show only favorites channels ? Because the Favorite button on the remote does not work! Normal ?
    3) The recording of channels works fine But the timeshifting does not work When I press pause button It s well show Timeshifting on the right of thé screen But when I press stop or play button on the remote the application MyTvOnLine crash Normal ? What can i do for timeshifting?

    I await for your news because i love this new box
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi,

    1. Not for now but the request is forwarded to Formuler.
    2. Fav. Button should work, on my S-Turbo it works very nice when you look Sat- Channels and press the FAV Button.
    3. Do you mean Sat. TV or only IPTV MYTVOnline?

  • 1) ok Thank you
    2) The button on the remote does not work on iptv channels But i have found a channel category Favorite and i found the channel i have tag To favorite It s ok thus but It s strange that the button Favorite does not work
    3) For the timeshifting It s only on iptv channels with MyTvOnLine When I press pause button the channel is paused and i see Well Timeshifting on the right of thé screen If i press stop button i return to the channel but i have lost the pause of timeshifting ans i receive no message that say to me if i want really to stop the timeshiting
    And if i press play or pause without press stop before It s crash MyTvOnLine
    It s very strange because on my z+ It works fine

    I hope that you could help me
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Sorry but i have found a fourth problem
    --> when i press the stb button rapidly to put the Formuler S-mini in stand-by mode (the led green pass To red) : It s ok
    BUT when i press again stb button on the remote to stand up again the Formuler s-mini It does not work The led of the box pass To a strange color like orange (led between green and red) and impossible To stand up the box
    The only solution is to plug off the alimentation cable and plug It again and It works But ut s not à solution like this
    I have seen in this forum that a guy have thé same problem
    It s a bug or not?
    Thanks in advance

  • What happens when you press your STB Button for longer then2 sec. (the pop up appears), your chose standby? Please also turn off "Eco Power Mode" under [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] >> System Setting and try again.

  • Hello
    I will try this because now i press on the STB button only for 1 second and thus no message appear and the box enter in stand-by mode too and the led color is red But when i press again on the STB button for 1 second to stand up the box sometimes It works and sometimes not
    I will try thus your procedure : clic on STB button but for 2 or 3 seconds and choose stand-by mode And i will see if the box stand up every times

    I await for your news too for the timeshifting with iptv and MyTvOnLine that crash when i press play to see my channel in pause mode
    I dont know if i press the bad button and if my option in the box are right
    Here is my procedure for timeshifting:
    I press pause button and i see timeshifting on the right of the screen
    If i press stop button after 10 minutes no crash but i loose the 10 minutes of the timeshifting
    If i press play button Or repress pause button to see the channel 10 minutes back when i press pause button for the first time At this time the appli MyTvOnline crash and i come back To main menu Strange No ???

    Thanks a lot

  • What do you use for timeshift USB Stick or USB HDD? Please tell me also the size of your USB Stick/HDD.

  • Yes there is something wrong, i was not able to record something at all. Give me some time to speak with Formuler, i will come back again to you.

  • Ok no problem
    I will wait for you and Formuler
    Thanks a lot and habitually they respond rapidly ?

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    Answers and solutions will be provided by SAM within the week.

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  • After complete check of all points, the next Firmware Update (end of the Months - next Week) should solve all your problems. Please note that current MYTVOnline on S-Series and on your Z+ are different in version Nb. That for is Timeshift in MYTVOnline not possible at moment, because of the less Version Nb. Next FW comes with latest MYTVOnline ;)

  • You should believe what we write here ;)
    With Firmware next week, will FW V.1.5.0 for S-Series and MYTVOnline App V.1.8.0 come. with this you have then the latest MYTVOnline App with working Timeshift.
    Announce will come here on Board and on Install trough OTA.

  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot
    Sorry to bother you again but I'm still worried that the box will stay in standby mode and will not come back in standup mode

    I did as you told me : press 2 seconds on STB button and when the message appear press stand-by
    It works 2 or 3 times and after that the box won't stand-up anyway. The red led become a strange color (like orange beteween green and red)

    I could not take a picture this morning taken by the time

    Do you think that the update firmware will solve that problem too ?
    Could you tell that to Formuler ?

    I await for your news and i'm sorry to bother you again :(

  • Hi Geogeocomines,

    Try the following: (Note: if the this does not work wait for the new update.)

    1. Check update.ird file integrity before proceeding
    2. Copy update.ird to USB root
    3. Power off S-Series device
    4. Insert USB into S-Series device
    5. Power on S-Series device while repeatedly pressing the CH-UP button on the RCU. (Don't hold the button down. Press it repeatedly)
    6. Update progress bar appears on the screen. Stop pressing the CH-UP button
    7. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. The device will reboot automatically when finished.
    8. Note: If first attempt fails to perform a rescue (no progress bar) power down the device and check the USB pen on a Windows desktop or compatible iMac. You may find default folders have appeared: Android Folder & LOST:DIR.
    9. Delete Android Folder & LOST:DIR from the USB and keep the original update.ird file.
    10. Remove the power cable from the rear of the device and reinsert the USB to the rear of the S Series device again.
    11. Reinsert the power cable and continue with step 5 onwards.

  • No need if you download the file from this Board and can successful unrar the file, then is all ok. It`s only to prove the file is the same and ok but in this case no need to concern.

  • Standby mode bug confirmed. Formuler engineers are patching it now.
    This should be fixed in the 1.5.0 software update to be released at the end of the month.

    Thanks for the report and your patience.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.