ethernet or wifi connection issue withe Z8

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  • Hello

    I read the previous post about the problems of connections but it does not really fit my problem.

    since 3-4 days my form has the following problem:

    I watch a channel live and suddenly I have nothing as if the internet connection was cut.

    whether I am in wifi or ethernet the problem remains.

    I have an internet box and the Z8 is ethernet directly.

    even if I restart the Z8 I remain stuck.

    when I want to connect with MOL2 I have error code 7

    can you help me please?

    should I do a factory reset?

    thank you

  • I am having also some issues about the internet connection via Ethernet.

    My problem is the following: after standby the Z8 I can't reconnect it to the Internet (via RJ45 Ethernet cable). I always have to reboot it. A workaround that I found is configure the on/off button from the remote control to Shutdown the box, but even using this workaround aften after a while (some hours, for example) the Internet connection is disabled.

    I already notice this issue before the last update, but I was expecting that it will be corrected in the last one, what didn't happen.

    Resuming, after a standby mode Internet access is disabled in my Z8 box.

    I don't know if SAM, or someone from Formuler knows about that issues regarding the Z8 and Internet connection.

    SAM if you need some more info from my side ask, ok?

  • I had an issue of error code 7....

    Having checked connections, if WiFi is disabled and only connecting through Ethernet, error code 7 appears from start up...

    If I changed from Ethernet to WiFi it connects no problem.

    So I enabled Ethernet and connected the WiFi, the box will show connected to both...

    On startup the box will first load mytvonline with WiFi which then seems to kick the Ethernet in to working, from there the box will automatically pick ethernet.

    That’s the only way my issue was resolved.

    I hope in the September updates Formuler can address this as it seems a common issue since the last update.

  • this is exactly the problem described by the previous users,

    I saw on the forum that there are a lot of users who have this problem and I would like SAM to inform people of Formulate and that it looks at this recurring problem

    thank you in advance

  • I watch a channel live and suddenly I have nothing as if the internet connection was cut.

    When the channel stops, what is the status of the icon highlighted below?

    In MOL2 press the INFO button on the remote and look at the top of the screen.

    Are you using a VPN?

    Should you be using one?

    Is your ISP hostile towards OTT/IPTV?

    even if I restart the Z8 I remain stuck.

    when I want to connect with MOL2 I have error code 7

    Sounds like a provider-related issue. What did your tv provider say about it?

    Next time the issue happens, try the steps below and report back with your findings/results:

    1. When the channel stops, check the network icon at the top of the screen in MOL2 and at the bottom of the homescreen. Is it connected or disconnected?
    2. When the channel stops, exit MOL2 and open Youtube. Check to see if you can play some videos in Youtube or not
    3. When the channel stops, try another iptv provider to see if it connects and works properly
    4. When the channel stops, use a different app to connect to your iptv account. (STBemu, smarters, etc.) Report your results.
    5. When the channel stops, go to your PC (on the same LAN as the Z8) and type the iptv portal URL into your web browser and report what you see.

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    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • Reading through this response I can only see the buck is being passed again.

    Guys come on this has nothing to do with the provider and nothing to do with a VPN.

    It’s simple logic, read the same issue everyone is describing and eventually formuler will address the problem correctly.

  • SAM

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