Xtream-Editor subscribers & MOL2

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  • Mac and Api limitations are wholly XE's doing. XE limit each mac address to only one playlist, and it's impossible to use Api without a username & password (which XE don't provide).

    But both can be ignored if Formuler can get catch-up working on m3u. Catch-up & the ability to record one channel and watch another is what we need.

    I'd say catch-up is the most pressing, as a good catch-up service will drastically reduce the need for recording.

  • Does anyone know if i can keep the epg wich are already in the list.... and just add the ones that XE offers me ... i see that those in the list don't turn green and don't work ... am i doing something wrong? Thank you

  • In my situation, I started using xtream-editor (API Line) with MOL2 about 5 weeks ago and yesterday, (Aug18) MOL2 stopped working with xtream-editor ..period! Just like that it no longer loads m3u or epg....BUT....tivimate player DOES load and play xtream-editor API lines just fine!

    Can anyone shed some light on this mystery? Is it something to do with some mysterious IP ban associated with using Z8, MOL2 and xtream-editor??

    I have consulted at length with xtream-editor and nothing we discussed can get resolved with their service and MOL2 except they say try to use a M*G device setup which is ridiculous when using a advanced product like Z8 and MOL2.

    Why MOL2 suddenly just stopped functioning with xtream-editor is perplexing to say the least, and I'm disappointed that switching to tivimate on Z8 is the only practical solution at the moment unless there is something I have overlooked. Big reason I purchased the Z8 was the due to the highly accoldaded MOL2 app.

    Any sugestions, feedback, input, etc is appreciated.


    uNc encie

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  • Interesting. U sing MAGLine?

    As I said, it worked fine for me as well,....for a few weeks. Then something got discobuberated I suppose and refuses to work now.

    I just tried MaGLine 12 hour trial with xtream-editor and thats working 100% well!

    Just xtream-editor API lines have stopped working for me.

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  • Using m3u link. As I know api lines where never supported for mol. I even asked support and they said only magg line or m3u link. So I don't know what you are on about api lines.

  • Input these from X-e API lines, Use these to create a new connection under Playlists in MOL2



    As I said, this method performed flawlessly for about 4 weeks and stopped yesterday, which I find very strange and nothing can account for this obvious anomaly.

  • Using m3u link. As I know api lines where never supported for mol. I even asked support and they said only magg line or m3u link. So I don't know what you are on about api lines.

    So, to clarify, you are using Magg line with Xe on MOL2, and not API lines?

  • Yip XE's Api line has stopped working here too. I click connect and it immediately jumps from 0% to 100% and then just black screen. Nothing loads. Working ok in Tivimate.

    Works ok using XE's mac playlist (i've been using that as it allows catch-up).

  • I've just set up a standard XE M3U list and it's not working either.

    So it appears that now the only way to use Xtream-Editor and MOL2 together is to set up an XE M*g list and use that.

    Strange since they were all working before the weekend.

  • Yeah, it is strange. The folks at Xe have gone silent since I started this same discussion with them.

    I just set it up with a M*g line and that worked good, no issues.

    Wait and see I suppose.