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  • Beside OS 7, it seems the EPG is loading faster. Will do more testing later and will let you know.
    The update itself went smooth.

  • January 2018 Z-Series Roll-up Update

    January 25, 2018

    Firmware Version: 2.8.0 / Z7+ 1.2.16

    MYTVOnline Version: 1.9.6

    Updated Models: ALL Formuler Z-Series

    The January 2018 Z-Series cumulative roll-up update has been released and is ready for immediate download.

    This roll-up update unifies all Z-series firmware features and unifies the firmware version numbers for Z, Z Prime, Z+, and Z nano models.

    General stability and performance enhancements were applied to this update.

    MYTVOnline v1.9.6 provides on-screen help for choosing the preferred channel list style. Users can always change the style option from the MYTVOnline [lexicon]Settings[/lexicon] menu at anytime.


    Formuler has also implemented more options for installers to give finer control over the user experience. Contact your Formuler Sales rep to receive the latest Installer Mode Template.

    Reboot your Z-Series device now to receive the automatic OTA updates.

    Release Notes:

    Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version 2.8.0 / Z7+ 1.2.16

    Added new software download integrity checks

    New Installer mode options:

    Setting Lock, Apps lock, Channel List Style Setting.

    Contact your Formuler Sales rep to receive the new Installer Mode Template.

    General bug fixes and performance improvements.

    MYTVOnline Version 1.9.6

    Z7+ : Fixed timeshift audio pause bug.

    Fixed Channel search bug.

    Fixed VOD search bug. Direct number input from RCU now accepted.

    General bug fixes and performance improvements.

    New Language Support Added:

    French - Français

  • I can’t believe that the Slow EPG was not addressed in this version....

    EPG is such a basic feature that works fine ona $30 box with a free app, it’s shocking that a premium box like the Z7+ can’t get it right.

  • Yup, I am back to using STB Emulator on the Minix NEU-01. I use a high end IPTV provider not a cheap re-seller and the EPG loads instantly in STB EMU and in Perfect player on the cheaper Egoiggo android box using the m3u list they provide me for multi room use.

    Sorry Formuler but your box is back in the box and heading back for a refund, there are way to many bugs to make is user friendly. The EPG loading is the biggest issue as you spend more time awaiting on information than actually watching anything. The launcher "iptv launcher" randomly crashes 2 or 3 times a day with no way of looking at the cause and I am literally using the box fresh from a factory reset and all updates installed...

    Why can't you choose and install your own TV Launcher? the only thing about this box that caught the attention was the MTOL app and I am back to STB EMU for it's stability and a speed and it was an app that cost £4 on a box that cost £50.

    such a shame!

  • the biggest issue for me is the guide being off if it wasn't for that I could live with the other issues for now.There should be a way to adjust the guide.I also did the same thing for now I went back to stalker in kodi so I could actually see whats on with the correct description

  • Want to love this box but the painfully slow EPG and the audio issue Im (and many others) having makes it a disappointing fail in my book.Seriously this isnt a $40 piece of tat have a good look at nvidea they know how to make a flawless piece of kit

  • My z7+ is also back in the box.
    I am stuck with less than 10 down, and this box is an internet HOG, constant buffering, I wish I could watch long enough, to experience the problems described above. I took this box to a friends house, he has better than 20 down, no buffering at all. A firestick out performs this over priced buffering box. I am now using linux kodi on an intel NUC, with no issues

  • hmm, I can't say mine was a net hogger. I had crappy Spanish ADSL wired into it ran ok, the only buffering coming from the low net speed. This vanished when my Fibre was installed and it ran fine in terms of playback.

    Did you buy yours with any presets added like a VPN for example? VPN's can suck the life out of your device.

  • no I can also honestly say mines not an internet hog I love this box other than the terrible mytvonline app.My kodi and all other apps work flawless audio everything is fine but the main reason I bought this box was for the iptv and its horrible.My old 69.00 tv box ran everything else fine so I basically at this point overpayed for a regular tv box