Recorded Program Playback Issue

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  • No i don`t think so, because you have already recorded with other app on same box and if not MOL plays the video file correctly from sd card , right?

    I would try something more:

    1. Format the sd card with FAT32 and test, if same, then with exfat ( i still see the problem here!)

    2. Deinstall MOL and install new one. Test again without changing some settings in MOL

    3. Try to test with other free portal or test account

    4. Before you test some recordings -> home screen -> press Menu button more then 2sec. and close all open apps -> then start MOL and recording

  • 1, 2 and 4 I have already done more than once (I test so many things as I am quite computer savvy).

    3. I have tried three different portal setups with the same provider.

    MAC address

    Portal url and login details

    m3u line

    It made no difference to the recording issue.

    The only thing I have left to try would be a second provider. I’ll see if I can get a free trial and let you know.

    By the way, I edited my last post and not sure if you saw all of my comments.

    The one difference I see between recording with the other app and MOL is that the other app isn’t tying up resources constantly creating a timeshift file. MOL has more things impacting the box performance.

  • I tried with a free trial from another provider. Surprise surprise it worked !!! I was able to record and playback with no jumping or freezing...and the timeshifting also worked.

    The main difference is the stream quality. The provider with the free trial had both a lower bit rate and lower frame rate than my main provider...along with quite a few other issues.

    Looks like my main provider has much higher quality streams in comparison. I did find another subscriber who has the exact same issue.

    Perhaps when the issue with “timeshifting running even when turned off in settings” is resolved (in the next MOL update) I can re-do all the tests.

    Thanks for all your help and patience 😀.

  • Hi Tiukgirl,

    did you already read Robbos post -> Recorded Program Playback Issue

    When the recording storage is formatted well, then is the problem only the stream with provider. In all my test recordings i can not see any jumps or freezes.

  • Hi Robbo, I tested everything on this post and others and I believe I have the exact same issue you have. I have an extreme Scan disk card as well and really high quality ISP so it must be the same issue you are having.

    Does it affect your timeshift too?

    Let me know if meanwhile you find the solution for this other than using an external app.

  • Same issue happening to me. Everything was working OK when I first had the Z7+ (last year). Seems the update has caused the issue as past recordings still play on my installed micro SD card. Any new recordings freeze and stutter for Video, but audio is OK. How long must we wait for the fix????