Z8 Remote control "hidden" functions

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  • Because the Z8 remote control has more functionality I created this thread to have one central place where you can find these features.

    :!:Please share your own shortcut key discoveries:!:

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    App/Screen Remote button Function/Action
    Home Press and hold OK Rearranging App icons
    Everywhere Press and hold Record Create screenshot
    Everywhere Press and hold STB Popup with shutdown options
    Everywhere Press and hold Resolution Revert the HDMI resolution to a safe mode
    Everywhere Press and hold MENU Display the recent apps list
    Select App > Press "Down arrow" to close/exit the App
    Or press "Red" to close all Apps.
    Everywhere Press and hold VFORMAT Picture Quality (PQ)Setting dialog
    MOL2 VOD (press 2 seconds) Directly open TV Series section
    MOL2 > Live INFO and Arrow left Show all channels in current group (transparent background)
    MOL2 > Live INFO and Arrow right EPG Date selector
    MOL2 > Live OK (press 2 seconds) Extended channel list with current program name and search/lock/favorite indicator (opaque background)
    MOL2 > Live Press and hold BACK Displays the recent channel history
    MOL2 > Live Press and hold EXIT MOL2 exit dialog
    MOL2 > Live Red button Go directly to menu with channel specific audiotrack/subtitle options etc...
    MOL2 > Live Green button Go directly to search (will search channel names)
    MOL2 > Live Press and hold RED PiP Swap
    MOL2 > Live (when already recording) Press Record Dialog to shorten or extend current recording time
    MOL2 > EPG
    Also if no program name is visible.
    Sometimes need to go days/hours in the future.
    Record or OK Create custom EPG recording for current channel
    MOL2 > VOD INFO Display VOD details
    MOL2 > VOD Press and hold OK Toggle favorites
    MOL2 > Recordings > On a recording Press and hold OK Display "Delete recordings" dialog
    Youtube Press and hold RESOLUTION Enable HDMI auto adaptation
    Disney+ CH UP/DOWN Scroll up and down inside the app
    Most touch-screen apps Mouse cursor > CH UP/DN Scroll up and down
    Update (Firmware/MOL2) 0227 Display/hide beta software channel

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  • MOL2 EPG
    Also if no program name is visible.
    Sometimes need to go days/hours in the future.
    Create custom EPG recording

    You have the option to press Record or the OK button to schedule a recording

    • Press and hold the resolution button to revert the HDMI resolution to a "safe" mode if you accidentally set the HDMI mode incorrectly.
    • MOL2 > Recordings > Press and hold OK on a recording to display the "Delete recordings" dialog
    • MOL2 > Press and hold VOD button to directly open TV Series section
    • MOL2 > PiP mode active > Press and hold OK to change the PiP channel
    • Most touch-screen apps > Press the mouse cursor button on the remote > use the CH UP/DN buttons to scroll up and down
    • Everywhere > Press and hold MENU to display the recent apps list
    • MOL2 > Live > press and hold BACK > Displays the recent channel history
    • MOL2 > Live > press and hold EXIT > Displays the Exit confirmation dialog
    • MOL2 > VOD playback > Press INFO to display VOD details

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  • but the thing I cant under stand when in vod

    and I hold the tv button it will not bring it back to tv.

    I have to go back back back then im at the tv again

  • Normally to go from VOD to Live TV you’d have to be in the main menu of the VOD section...

    example: you’re on a live tv channel, now press VOD button....

    Then press Live button again and it will take you back...

    if your VOD is categorised such as New Releases, Kids, 4k etc and you’re within a categorised menu such as “kids” for example, pressing the Live button won’t take you back to Live TV.

  • If I press and hold OK when in MOL2, PiP will turn on and I can select the PiP channel. This behaviour is different from what is described in the table. Would this be because I am using the ‘Classic’ channel list style? Because that’s what this shortcut would normally invoke according to the table. But because I selected the aforementioned option in Settings (MOL2), I get this just by briefly pressing OK (i.e. I don’t have to hold the button for 2 seconds).

  • Hi All,

    I just installed the Disney+ app on my Z7+ 5G box, but I cannot find the settings or the search functions on the app. Any idea how to get these functions on the screen or is there any shortcuts using the remote?

    Thanks for you help.