Beta firmware 1.4.20 / Mytvonline 2 software 7.2.0 for Z8.

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  • Formuler Z-Series beta software released for Z8

    Firmware Version : 1.4.20 BETA

    MYTVOnline : 7.2.0 BETA

    Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.
    Please keep in mind, this is Beta and could have also bugs or act unstable, it is for testing and not for productive use 24h with the box.
    If you don`t want to test, please wait until official comes out. No Forum support in other threads if beta is in use, beta issues should be discussed only in this thread.

    HowTo Install:

    Home Menu -> Software Update -> press "0227" -> Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) -> Press Red Button -> Now is the Firmware and Software shown, press now "OK" button for install.

    The install process and reboot works automatically! Please don`t turn off the box or plug out the power supply, could damage the box. The reboot after update needs always much more time then usual, please be patinate and let the box finish the install.

    This time also, we get many changes and top new features. The biggest is: Backup & Restore (no more fear from factory reset :) ), USB DVB-T2 tuner support, Recording Manager and much more.

    Many user requests are implemented and bugs fixed ;) Please note, not all user requests can be implemented so fast, if not in this update, if possible it will come with future updates, step by step.

    Change Log

    New Features:

    • [SYSTEM] Backup & Restore user data partition. Access from Android Settings > Storage & Reset
    • [SYSTEM] Added Android TV Remote Service. Supports iOS and Android remote control apps.
    • [SYSTEM] Toggle IPv6 client ON or OFF. Default is OFF
    • [MOL2] USB DVB-T2 tuner support. Supports USB Timeshift and Recording
    • [MOL2] Cloud Timeshift supported (Server-side timeshift). Access from Live TV > Info Bar toolbar
    • [MOL2] Schedule Manager Menu. Access from Main Menu
    • [MOL2] Manual Timer Recordings. Schedule recordings w/out EPG data.
    • [MOL2] Set recording frequency (daily, weekly, custom)
    • [MOL2] Single EPG supported in XC and m3u portals

    Fixes & Improvements:

    • [SYSTEM] FIX: Apple Airpods pairing issue (1st gen)
    • [SYSTEM] FIX: Newly unboxed device randomly shuts down
    • [SYSTEM] FIX: TV Keyboard disappears when inputting numbers
    • [MOL2] FIX: Cannot seek during catchup playback
    • [MOL2] IMP: EPG loading performance. Fixed empty EPG when received xmltv data is malformed. Missing EPG data automatically populated while in Classic channel list. EPG data for current channel is requested on channel change. Added "EPG Loading" icon
    • [MOL2] FIX: App crashes when playing certain VOD contents
    • [MOL2] FIX: HLS adaptive streaming not working
    • [MOL2] FIX: No sound on Radio channels for certain portals
    • [MOL2] FIX: Portal login issue when password contains certain special characters
    • [MOL2] FIX: VOD/LIVE hotkey on small remote
    • [MOL2] IMP: Classic channel list > Display detailed event info
    • [MOL2] FIX: Live TV > Audio Lip Sync issue after changing audio tracks
    • [MOL2] FIX: VOD > New line character not recognized in subtitles
    • [MOL2] FIX: Single EPG only shows 100 events max
    • [MOL2] FIX: Wrong video resolution icon shown in Live window
    • [MOL2] IMP: Portal login failure error messages
    • [MOL2] IMP: Added ability to play static VOD contents from Live channel list
    • [MOL2] IMP: Page Up/Down navigation in Grid EPG and Classic channel list
    • [MOL2] FIX: Cannot select external video player in Series section
    • [MOL2] FIX: RCU Sleep button doesn't work during VOD playback
    • [MOL2] IMP: Enable RCU EPG button while in Classic Channel List
    • [MOL2] FIX: OSD does not disappear automatically after channel change
    • [MOL2] FIX: Live channels don't play after pressing CH UP button rapidly in succession
    • [MOL2] FIX: Cannot playback catchup event immediately previous to current live event
    • [MOL2] IMP: Added confirmation on portal delete
    • Various bug fixes & optimizations
  • good Morning,

    if this beta software is released how can i install this?

    if i have installed them and then it comes the official version i get a normal update again notification?

    can the box with factory reset from the beta in the previous version go back?

  • SAM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Beta firmware 1.4.x / Mytvonline 2 software 7.1.x for Z8.” to “Beta firmware 1.4.20 / Mytvonline 2 software 7.2.0 for Z8.”.
  • Beta is online now and first Post updated, please read carefully, especial new box users! Thanks to all for testing and reporting.

  • if I have the beta installed i get after the release of the official version also an update notification?

    what happens if i have installed the beta and then goes to factory settings, then is the previous version back there or again the beta?

  • SandiM



    If beta is ok and community feedback is good, the official will follow in few days. If something need to be fixed, then comes delay.

  • If I move the channels with the CH button up - down does not show the EPG, but if I press the EPG button, it will show ... (fm.Beta)

  • Schedule some recordings and reminders. Then you will see them in the schedule manager.

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