Beta Firmware 1.2.70 / Beta MyTVOnline 1.9.70 for Zx, Z7+, Zx 5G and Z7+ 5G

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  • Formuler Z-series beta software released for Zx, Z7+, Zx 5G and Z7+ 5G

    Firmware Version : 1.2.70 BETA

    MYTVOnline : 1.9.70 BETA


    Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Please keep in mind, this is Beta and could have also bugs or act unstable, it is for testing and not for productive use 24h with the box.

    If you don`t want to test, please wait until official comes out. No Forum support in other threads if beta is in use, beta issues should be discussed only in this thread.

    HowTo Install:

    Home Menu -> Cog.Wheel -> Update -> press "0227" -> Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) -> Press Red Button -> Now is the Firmware and Software shown, press now "OK" button for install.

    The install process and reboot works automatically! Please don`t turn off the box or plug out the power supply, could damage the box. The reboot after update needs always much more time then usual, please be patinate and let the box finish the install.

    Change Log:

    [SYSTEM] FIX: Internal WLAN dropping issue

    [SYSTEM] FIX: Display Resolution button doesn't show resolution selection window

    [SYSTEM] IMP: Display resolution selection window only shows compatible resolutions

    [SYSTEM] FIX: System software update hangs when system memory is full

    [SYSTEM] IMP: Improved front panel boot-up LED sequence

    [SYSTEM] FIX: Android Location Services

    [MOL] FIX: Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals

    [MOL] IMP: Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info

    [MOL] FIX: Episode playback issue on certain portals

    [MOL] FIX: Crashing issue when switching portals

    [MOL] FIX: Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated

    [MOL] FIX: Page scrolling issue in TV Series section

    [MOL] FIX: xmltv EPG parsing issue

    [MOL] FIX: Cell overlap issue in Program Guide

    [MOL] FIX: HLS VOD playback issue

    [MOL] FIX: Group Channel Numbering preference changes after applying Installer Mode config

    [MOL] FIX: Recording stops if stream buffers

    [MOL] FIX: m3u channel parsing issue

    [MOL] FIX: TV Series playback/seek issue

    [MOL] FIX: Favorite channels disappear when using Xtream Codes API

    [MOL] FIX: Freeview HD EPG display issue when using USB DVB-T tuner

    [MOL] FIX: Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF

    Various bug fixes and performance improvements

    Known Issues: Duration incorrectly displayed during catchup playback

    * Beta definition:

    Beta firmware/software is undergoing testing and has not yet been officially released. The beta phase follows the alpha phase, but precedes the final version. Some beta software is only made available to a select number of users, while other beta programs are released to the general public. We have decided in past to open Beta for all interested Beta Users and public. Please read the warning at beginning, it is important.

    Software developers release beta versions of software in order to garner useful feedback before releasing the final version of a program. They often provide web forums that allow beta testers to post their feedback and discuss their experience using software.

    In most cases, a software developer will release multiple "beta" versions of a program during the beta phase. Each version includes updates and bug fixes that have been made in response to user feedback. The beta phase may last anywhere from a few weeks for a small program to several months for a large program.

    Each beta version is typically labelled with the final version number followed by a beta version identifier (last nb.). For example, the fifth beta release of the second version of a software program may have the version number "1.2.5." and first one "1.2.0", depends at end always from developers how to call each Beta.

    Factory reset during beta test phase is normal and should be done for clean install and full database update. In some cases it is not necessary and in others have to be done explicit.

    Since beta software is a pre-release version of the final application, it may be unstable or lack features that will be be included in the final release. Therefore, beta software often comes with a disclaimer that testers should use the software at their own risk. If you choose to beta test a program, be aware that it may not function as expected.

  • i love to test out new system i can say this beta works very good i have no looding cirkel and start faster and text works nice to.

    And i wonder if subtitle select works in beta version?

  • Tried to upgrade and the firmware upgraded but MYTV won't upgrade.Says IPTV version not installed.Have tried several times it says downloading but doesn't install.Any ideas on why this is happening or what to do?

  • Launcher crashes then restarts when I try to edit/add a shortcut on the home screen.

    Please fix it.

    Edit : more annoying I can't access all the apps using the top left icon : launcher crashes too.

    Any solution but factory reset ? Thanks.

  • Wasnt that also before my friend?

    Not really. I did notice the reminder seemed not to work but found out later it did. But on certain channels only. Now it also works on the channels where the reminder previously didn't work. But without the icon.