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  • Had some general recording questions:

    1) If I have no SD or USB harddrive would the recordings not work ? Do I need an SD or hard drive to save them.
    2) Is it possible to record a whole series or set a record frequency ?
    3) If the machine is in sleep mode (powered off) would it download my recordings ?
    4) Once I get an SD or USB harddrive how do I set the system to record tv shows to it and not the internal memory ?

  • 1. No, the message "USB Storage not found" appear. Yes you need sd, usb stick or usb hdd.
    2. Need to be improved and depends from correct working EPG
    3. Then is main program also off, no. I`m sorry my fault, yes the box support smart recording.
    4. Connect and after recognising the needed folders will be made automatically. There are no recordings you can save on internal memory. Internal Memory is only, for FW, Apps and Android.

  • Does a stick or a HD need to be formated in a special format?

    I have used a stick and the recording worked, but not properly (splitted file and the second file was not playable anymore) and once the first file was saved, then the game I was recording was almost at the end, but I couldn't skip back to the beginning, because the beginning was in another file.

    It also always records the current channel, as soon as the USB stick is in. Is this normal? Can't it be chosen if I want to record or not (this seems to be just for "live pause" anyway).

  • I just saw on the stick, that the file are saved, but I didn't find a way to play them on my Formuler Box.

    The first file is saved like this:
    Swiss MySports 1 FHD (CH).ts (4 GB)

    then, the next one are named like this:
    Swiss MySports 1 FHD (CH).ts.001 (4 GB)
    Swiss MySports 1 FHD (CH).ts.002 (4 GB)
    Swiss MySports 1 FHD (CH).ts.003

    This means, the files are being splitted, but I don't find a way to skip back to file 1, while the game is already there, where it's saved on file 3 etc.

    How do you solve this?

    Could this just be a problem with the 4GB storage limit? My stick is formatted witn NTFS, by the way.

    THANK YOU for your help!

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  • @Pumpido
    Yes, it was already reported from user and forwarded to Formuler but not fixed yet. Today i will make few hours recording in one step, make extra video and forward all with detailed description.

  • My box sometimes seems to have problems with starting, when the USB Stick is in the slot.
    Is this normal?

    Also, sometimes, the recording button just does not react :o(

  • My box sometimes seems to have problems with starting, when the USB Stick is in the slot.
    Is this normal?

    Also, sometimes, the recording button just does not react :o(

    "IPTVLauncher has stopped" error:
    When booting with exFAT formatted media, "IPTVLauncher has stopped" error appears and the box does not boot properly.
    This issue has been patched and is slated for release mid to late March.

    Unsolicited PMs for support will be ignored.

    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • You are absolutely right.
    I tried to format the stick with ExFat, hoping the files won't get splitted after 4 GB.

    So this is the reason for this error message, then.

    Thank you!

    By the way: I am right now just testing the box from a collegue and I only want to buy it, when it's possible to record properly.
    Do you think, this will be possible any time soon?
    Like: Entering a time and a channel and letting the box record a few hours on this channel etc?

  • Hello,

    I have some additional questions about recording functionality.

    1. When the device is in standby and a scheduled recording starts, the box powers on and starts recording, but when the recording is finished, the box doesn't return to standby and keeps the recording channel active. Is this intended, as it seems it should return to standby after recording has been completed.

    2. What are the supported file system formats for USB devices for recording ? I tried EXT3 / EXT4, but they don't work and FAT32 has a 4GB file limit and splits the recording once the first file exceeds this limit.

    Thanks !

  • 1. MOL is in continues development and have not yet all options like Linux or other STB`s. Your request is something that should be considered by the devs. I put it on my list.
    2. With latest FW for Z Series FAT32, NTFS and exFAT. NTFS is ok.

  • Hi Guys

    I wanted to know is there a way to save iptv recordings to my Synology NAS Drive? .

    I assume this in theory should work however I can't get my NAS to be seen on the F7Z as a Storage Solution for IPTV Recordings

    I wish to save to NAS because I have lots of storage space and my 1tb Ext HD fills up into time

    Cheers Guys

  • They are planing to add this feature in future release update for mol2. Not so sure about mol1.

  • Can a recording be scheduled for a set time and channel everyday or every weekday? I record a program that the same time everyday by using my EPG, but my EPG only shows 24 hours in advance so I have to set unit up to record everyday. Can it be set up once to record a specific channel at a specific time everydday? :?:

  • Can a recording be scheduled for a set time and channel everyday or every weekday?

    Good question.

    Can someone help ?

    I cannot check for MOL, because I have MOL2 with Z8.

    Perhaps it has the same option/feature?:

    In the MOL2 EPG when you select a program which has not yet been started and press "OK" on the RCU you get a "Create New Schedule" screen in which you can also select "Frequency".

    That option allows: "One time" and "Weekly".

    When you select "Weekly" you can also select up to 7 weekdays in the "Days" option to make it a daily recording.