Beta firmware 1.4.78 / Mytvonline 2 software 7.10.1

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  • New beta for Z8 Pro / Z8 / Z Alpha / Z+ neo and MOL 2 released

    Firmware Version : 1.4.78 BETA

    MYTVOnline 2 : 7.10.1 BETA


    Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

    Please keep in mind, this is Beta and could have also bugs or act unstable, it is for testing and not for productive use 24h with the box.

    If you don`t want to test, please wait until official comes out. No Forum support in other threads if beta is in use, beta issues should be discussed only in this thread.

    HowTo Install:

    Home Menu -> Software Update -> press "0227" -> Red Icon and Beta Test SW appear (right corner) -> Press Red Button -> Now is the Firmware and Software shown, press now "OK" button for install.

    The install process and reboot works automatically! Please don`t turn off the box or plug out the power supply, could damage the box. The reboot after update needs always much longer than usual, please be patinate and let the box finish the install. If necessary reboot later once again.

    Beta FW 1.4.78 - SW 7.10.0 discussions only in this thread here. Other open threads with Beta issues will be deleted instantly!

    We need to collect data and feedbacks on one place, thank you for your understanding.

    Firmware Version : 1.4.78 BETA

    Fixes & Improvements:

    • NEW: Change system screenshot path. Home > Launcher Settings > Screenshot path
    • FIX: Z Alpha Bluetooth issue
    • FIX: Crash fix for some OTT apps (SVTPlay, etc.)
    • FIX: CEC on/off switch state not saved
    • IMP: Updated system time zones
    • IMP: NAS mount now visible to other apps
    • IMP: Rename "HDMI Auto Adaption" & change behavior to "Auto-select BEST resolution"
    • IMP: Block incoming Bluetooth files. Use Android Settings > Security > Allow incoming BT requests: OFF
    • IMP: Disconnect and reconnect BT Audio devices without re-pairing
    • IMP: Updated remote deployment template
    • IMP: CEC: Wake up TV with Formuler. Wake up Formuler with TV (Must use Standby power mode)
    • IMP: Memory utilization optimizations
    • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

    MYTVOnline 2 : 7.10.1 BETA

    New Features, Fixes & Improvements:

    • NEW: Live > Filter only Favorites. Activate from Classic Channel List > Filter (Red hotkey)
    • NEW: Recordings > track progress and resume playback
    • NEW: VOD Details > Date Added
    • NEW: Auto-detect API portal from m3u URL
    • FIX: Danish subtitle display issue
    • FIX: EPG offset issue with certain services
    • FIX: Audio Track Language not displayed for some contents
    • FIX: Menu navigation issue for services with no Live TV section
    • FIX: Issue with Maximum catchup (replay) days
    • FIX: picon display issues
    • FIX: Edit Groups > Cannot select certain Groups
    • FIX: Online subtitles not displayed immediately after download
    • FIX: Player controls do not timeout according to OSD Timeout parameter
    • FIX: Episode list scrolling issue on certain portals
    • FIX: VOD ends early if paused
    • IMP: Opensubtitles > add all languages
      • Set preferred languages from Settings > Player Options > Online Subtitles
    • IMP: Cursor position automatically moved to last watched index in episode list
    • IMP: Improved Skip Ahead performance
    • IMP: Scheduled Recordings: Resolve single instance of series conflict
    • IMP: Warn before powering off if recording is in progress
    • NEW: Menu Translation: Slovenčina
    • IMP: Improved Swedish, French Translation (Thanks tvman, GoodGood)
    • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements
  • IMPORTANT: I am getting Code: 7 (Your account is blocked) in beta Mytvonline2. All were working fine just before the Beta update. I tried clearing cache data rebooting etc, NO Luck. I will let you know if it is fixed.

    UPDATE: m3u working fine. Problem with both the portals I use. Let me contact my provider.

    Update 2: After a long chat and troubleshooting with Formuler support person in Telegram, it seem dev can reproduce the defect, they may either rerelease the beta or give a Hotfix soon.

  • All were working fine just before the Beta update.

    Hm, tested now all 3 protocols from my side, Stalker and XC Api Portal + M3U, no issues with connect.

  • Info: Beta is back online.

    Those who have installed the previous MYTVOnline2 7.10.0 beta, please download and install the new 7.10.1 beta.

  • SAM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Beta firmware 1.4.78 / Mytvonline 2 software 7.10.0” to “Beta firmware 1.4.78 / Mytvonline 2 software 7.10.1”.
  • Hm, tested now all 3 protocols from my side, Stalker and XC Api Portal + M3U, no issues with connect.

    Seem it was happening for only certain MAC based portals. The issue is fixed in new 7.10.1 beta 🕺💃 Thanks for the wonderful support Formuler!

  • FIX: Crash fix for some OTT apps (SVTPlay, etc.)

    I'm interested in which apps? Is Viafree included?

    Please test and report, it`s Beta to see how it works on user side. ;)

  • What this means: NEW Auto-detect API portal from m3u URL

    Portal, playlist, playlist VOD URLs are processed the same as entering the password of the XC server (do not expose the string).

  • Hello,

    I am delighted to hear that updates are being followed. This is what will contribute to the good reputation of the brand.

    I understood that the update would include the ipdate DRM L1. Will it be scheduled in a stable update (or in a future update)?