Formuler Giveaway in November

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  • Today we would like to announce Formuler Giveaway opportunity

    Contest Rules:

    • You may enter all active Formuler Giveaway - Telegram, Reddit or Formuler Support Forum - only one prize per household total.
    • This giveaway is open to every member.
    • Contest rules subject to change without notice.
    • Only one entry per household, choose your number wisely!
    • Duplicate entries may result in you being disqualified!


    To qualify for this giveaway, you must post small review of your current Formuler box (100 chars) and post your contest number, between 1 - 1000 in this thread here. If you do not own Formuler Box, post why you want a Formuler IPTV device.

    This number will be generated at the conclusion of the giveaway.

    If the correct number hasn't been selected by participants or not enough participants have chosen the correct generated number, we reserve the right to select participants who are closest to the generated number as an alternative qualification process.

    Please don`t try to use this contest thread for any discussions, questions or similar, just post small review and nb. After contest ending is discussion in this thread allowed.


    • There will be three (3) winners in total.
    • The prize will be one Formuler Z8 Pro for each winner.

    The poll for this giveaway will close on 30.November. 2020 -24:00. The winners will be announced on 1.December.2020 - 20:00 (EU Time).

    At the conclusion of the giveaway contest, the winners will be asked to make a review online (social media platforms) within 10 days of receiving their prize. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in being ineligible for future giveaway opportunities.

    Good luck to you all!



  • Of course in this thread here.

    1.You must post small review of your current Formuler box (100 chars). If you do not own one, post why you want a Formuler IPTV device .

    2. Your desired nb. between 1-1000

  • Choose one nb. between 1 and 1000 and write in your posting. The nb. will be generated with some script after end of this contest and if your nb. matches or you are close to this nb. then you are the winner of one box..

  • Ok so I will be the first player then 😊

    I have been owning a Z8 for more than a year now. I must admit this is the best I ever owned after using multiples boxes etc…The built of the product feels professional & the first step configuration is clearly easy. What I appreciate is that no account is necessary to configure the box.

    The calibration between software/hardware is just perfect: no lag, many options, the incorporation of apps is great and easy to use.

    MOLTV2 is just the perfect app to use for TV/VOD: 100% intuitive, smooth to use, interface looks well-made and most important: Quality of the picture rendering! This is really the best app I have been using since the beginning of boxes, either in terms of building or picture.

    If only we could use an official android tv rom with 4k/hd Netflix etc… that would surely make the Z8 to be the ultimate box. 100% sure.

    The remote also is smooth and far easy for a everyday use, to program. Only drawback, no backlight yet!

    Best of luck to me & you for the giveaway 😊!

    Desired number : 777

  • Hello,

    In my case I have 2 X Z8.

    I already had the Z7 + 5G which is very powerful, but I opted for the Z8 mainly for the picture quality of MTOL and the fact that it is possible to schedule the recording of weekly or daily series.

    NB: 666

  • Hi,

    I currently own 2 Formuler Z8 boxes. Have had them for over a year. Love the functionality and easy to use interface! Very reliable boxes with amazing online tech support and constant firmware upgrades to better the overall experience and quality of the box!

    Desired Number: 3

  • Formuler z8 - Best Streaming Device for IPTV Period.

    All android boxes and streaming devices have ample hardware at this point... But they do not have any special software whatsoever. What good is 4GB of Ram and octa-core processors when your stuck with the same old, tired third party apps? To me, they are all the same. Only Formuler has MOL2 (My TV Online 2) which is hands down the best IPTV application in the world. For any IPTV lifer, Formuler is the way to go. You will have 2 thoughts after experiencing the z8 for the first time... 1) I need one for every TV in the house; 2) God, I wish i found out about Formuler sooner! One more thing I must mention... Customer Support is OUTSTANDING! Thank you for reading. :)

    Number: 404

  • The Z8 is best box I know for iptv. It’s features include an epg, p.i.p, skip ahead option to get as close to the live broadcast as possible (when you don’t want to be 30 seconds behind a live sports event), super fast channel changing, internet connection strength bars for each channel, a channels watched history function if you surfed and then forgot what you were watching...periodic software updates that fix known issues and add new improvements and of course recording/dvr function; a great remote and fantastic customer service.

    Number: 36

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  • After reading the review of Z8 I purchased one and i'll never look back at any other IPTV Box ever again as the Z8 is the King of all IPTV Box out in the market, its easy to use and setup for a newbie. Defiantly user friendly IPTV app "My TV Online 2" which works great, and the bonus part you can record your own programs and shows and the picture quality awesome can't fault it in anyway, and can install other apps as well. The best to part it has OTA updates so your not missing out on the function to me that means reliability and money well spent. The support is great and get your Z8 back running again in no time & thank you for reading this post

    Desired No 21

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  • Hello everyone,

    I own a Zx for over 2 years by now it works great it's got an easy menu even the remote is easy to program with i would never change an other brand but Formuler 💪💪💪

    Desired Number. 76 🤞

  • I have two boxes, Z7+ and the Z8. I'm not a demanding user so no need for many options/features. The most important thing for me is speed/performance and I'm satisfied! :) I prefer the Z7+ with a nice, organized, small playlist and you will see that mol1 runs much smoother than mol2. Of course I'm not saying that the Z7+ is a better box. You can't compare the two boxes as the Z8 wins easily, but just a hint ;)

    Overall satisfied with both of the boxes! #FormulerFTW

    Desired number: 237 :thumbup:

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  • Short and sweet. I did some research on streaming devices after a couple of years owning a Dragon Box and a Fire Stick and read about the Formuler Boxes on different iptv chatrooms. The posts were extremely positive so I thought I would give one a try with the Z8. Boom! Ease of set up and MOL2 built in made the decision gold! I ended up buying another and then had 3 friends change out their STB's. Dragon Box and Fire Stick are a thing of the past. Oh, and all the help in this forum is also "Golden".

    NB =333

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